TPT: Be the Change

I don't make resolutions. I never do. Most things I decide to do are things I really feel are important and I try to stikk with them. Resolutions seem far too temporary for me. Well this year, I decided to change lots of things. I made up all kinds of challenges, hence the 36$5 and the SYM1,000.  I put myself on restrictions. All to be a better SYM. One thing I decided to do was to be the kind of consumer I want my customers to be.

Admittedly, this is going to be a challenge for me, but I want to be able to be mad and curse people out knowing that I'm not a part of the problem. :o) So, I'm going to cut my mall visits (even more)...and stuff...*sniffle* to be able to be more supportive of other hand crafters. Not just posting...and tagging...and telling you all to support. I'm going to do that AND put my money behind it. This is going to be fun though. I didn't know how much fun it was to get pakkages in the mail. I've been missing out. Ya'll tried to tell me, but I've finally seen the light.

I made two orders just before New Years. For everybody who says, "it's too expensive," I bought it all on sale. I placed one of them with my artsy friend Zelle. When we first e-met she was painting clothes and stuff like me. Now she's moved on to do jewelry. I hit up her web page, placed an order for a ring and a pair of earrings, then I waited. Then the ice came, so I kept waiting. Then, on Saturday, they arrived! I wore my ring today.

Peep my mystery

Not only did I get two pieces from her, I got a little fancy inspiration. She individually bagged each of my pieces, then wrapped each one in tissue paper, with custom stikker closures. They do that at the Coach store and probably other places that sell expensive things I don't buy. Anyway, I thought it was nice, so now everybody will be getting individually wrapped tees, totes and everything SYM1. If you think that's awesome, or you just want to be like SYM, hit up Zelle at Black Betsy Earrings and get a lil somethin.

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Ashley said...

I was JUST about to comment on your fbk photo and ask about your ring.

Again, you've hit me with the ways you find inspiration. I think one of my {{hopefully within the end of the week}} new pieces will be on you.