Guess who hates writing about herself? *raises hand*

I think I'm supposed to tell you that I grew up on the Eastside of Atlanta and how I've always had a love for art. That's true. I'm also supposed to tell you how this person or that person really helped cultivate my love of art. That never happened. However, I did come from a family of creative people. It's in my genes. Fashion designers, artists, muralist, sculptors, bakers, and painters...and stuff. There's a little some of everything in my bakkground. I don't remember any of it though. I suppose loving to color and draw and paint never seemed, odd...or extraordinary for that matter. It just was. I was never considered gifted or anything. It's just something I liked to do.

In high school, all of my electives were art and photography. I hung out in the art class for fun. I scribbled on all my notebooks. I doodled on the margins of my notes. In college, I didn't take a single art class. They were all at 8am and that's STILL not my cup of tea. College is also when I started painting t-shirts. It went well, so I kept doing it. Then there was facebook. I shared with all my friends. They shared with their friends. Then we became friends. And now I'm here. 

See, this is me. I'm happy. I'm nice. I painted that shirt. These are my fav shoes. 
Yep, that's what I'm supposed to tell you. But what I really want to say is, I was born great. I'm highly gifted and all around awesome. I slay the ordinary with a little paint and a brush. Don't believe me? You don't have to. I have co-signers.