Big Numbers: Day 27

My birthday is coming! WOOP!!!

That was all for the big announcements. Now, on to todays paint! Today was pretty peaceful. I got some things done...I think. I FEEL finished, but right now, I'm just staring at them to make sure. So, I won't be posting the two big ones tonight, but if they are done, I'll definitely have photos up tomorrow. I'll even post the entire blog early, because I started two 5x7s today. We'll discuss how that happened tomorrow.

Anywho, here's the 36$5 piece of the day. I really liked the water colored splattery like paint from yesterday and the fact that Terrell said that he found it creepy tikkled me, but also made me want to try it again.

"Through" 54/1000 and 27/365

I like this one, quite a bit actually, but I think it could have been better. I try REALLY hard not to think TOO hard while creating and concentrate more on the feeling. I am a great thinker, but sometimes it gets in the way. Once the splash dried, I had a talk with the canvas. I found the face. Easy enough, but in trying to move faster than I can think, I feel like a particular line (the one stright down the center) got lost...or rather it showed up where it should not have been. I was drawing it in a literal sense. I saw that her "hair" was covering one of her eyes. I originally had no intention of drawing that, so I didn't care if the line cut through the center of her face, but the eye kept looking at me, but it was too late! Now it's there. Forever. I decided not to paint over it, because I like it despite the interruption. These are FUN! I'll try again.

Today's final count...3 (I'm counting the ones I think I finished). 54 down...948 pieces and 338 days to go.

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