"They're letting you paint PEOPLE now?"

It's true! I'm pretty good too. Now, if I can match that up with pretty fast, I see this going places. I took the official sidekikk with me last night to Trikk or Treating at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. We posted up in the food court for 4 hrs and painted the faces of kids and a few mommies. Here are my last four creations. Cute friends, all dressed as the same baseball player...one of the girls' little brother.

Am I ready for birthday parties? Say YES!
For some reason, I'm getting into dressing up for Halloweeen again, but in my not so old age, I refuse to spend REAL money on costumes. Big investments on things you're only going to wear once don't move me, so I try to make what I have work. This year I spent $5. I bought a pair of orange wings at Dollar Tree and built my costume around that. I also bought a wand and tiara set and some BRIGHT make up that didn't work. Then I went over to Michael's and purchased some flowers for my hair, and some ribbon to decorate that awfully ugly wand. This was the final result.

Spring Fairy!

I'm not going to leave out the part where I also purchased the makings of a clown and a cowboy on these trips. I'll save them for another year along with my gavel and softball-esque accessories that I have yet to wear.

The sidekikk went as a ladybug. I painted her face in between customers. She mentioned not wanting to wash it off....not sure what she was going to save it for. Halloween isn't until tomorrow. lol.

Ok, so, who's baby is having a birthday? I've got lots of paint left and I'm ready to work! 


Art+Sole+Life 10.22.10

This night proved to be AWESOME! I had so much fun. Not like "sweat pants and tennis shoes at a college party" fun, but, "I am an artist and this stimulated me" fun. It's all a win in my book. Ok, so outside of hanging out doing artsy things with friends, two really great things happened.
First, I saw these shoes...they made...me....feel....things. I touched  them and stuff. I hugged them...and wished they were mine. These were by far my most favorite pair of the whole night.
Then, I found the guy who made them. The jacket kind of gave him away. I felt that up too. It...was...awesomeness. It was almost perfect, but not so perfect that you couldn't tell it was done by hand. I was so completely moved by it. The time it must have taken. The precision. We took a picture. YAY!

We coordinated.
We talked. I asked him how long it took him to do the jacket (sorry I didn't get the whole thing), but he said about two weeks. I asked him how much he charged for something like it. He said a couple of Gs. THAT inspired me. I don't spend two weeks working on anything. I don't bother, because I feel like I couldn't sell something for a price indicative of the kind of time it would take me to complete it. At least not to my current clientele. However, I'd love to sit in a corner and work on one item until I felt like it was PERFECT and PERFECTLY done. Not that I don't feel happy with the work I produce, but if the price was right, I'd add more detail. I'd spend a little more time and not think anything of it. I've been recently moved to do more detailed pieces and this made me want to do it even more. I'm so excited. I have an unplanned hiatus coming up! Let's see what happens.
This guy! ALIen
Have I mentioned my LOVE of drummers? No. Well...here it is. THIS GUY! is my second great thing. I wish this was one of those Harry Hotter photographs. I LOVE drummers. Umm...he beat it up. I watched. I liked it. He chewed on the drumstikks...he threw them in the air. He undressed mid song. He stood on top. Spun around and flung sweat. It was an amazing show of acrobatics and musicianship. I don't think he took a breath or blinked the whole time. I almost got scared, but he survived. I've been chatting with him on twitter. He's trying to play innocent about those panties strung across the front of his drums. I'm not buying it.

The great things came with accessories too. Cupcakes. I had one of the light skinned ones. It was just ok, but the fact that they were there to eat was a great thing. Oh and the Converse cake. Snazzy.

And live painting! That's always a win. I'm going to work on my journalism skills, because I can't say I was really interested in WHO was doing the work, but I wish I had gotten their names so I could share. I'll do better. Soon. :D Chekk out the pics though.

I missed out on the final piece.

Body paint! (We're doing this instead of strippers @ my bachelorette party.)

Custom boots!
Oh! and they had little coloring sheets with pics of Chukks, so you could design your own. I colored. That's my kind of party! Friends, food, music...and stimulating activities. A winner! So, next time this comes around...I want in, so I can take a pic with my own shoes. There I said it!

The ART+SOLE+LIFE exhibit is sneaker art with a conscience. It was created to highlight the non-profit work of SOLE PLUS. It is an exhibit that features artists telling the stories of everyday life using shoes as their canvas. A+S+L is the fusion of shoe design, art, activism, & philanthropy, rolled into an interactive exhibit.  The first A+S+L exhibit will take place on 10/22/2010 in Atlanta, GA at Ambient Plus Studio.


"All Pink Everything" 10.24.10

I had a VERY full weekend. I ended it Sunday night with a fashion show hosted by Dream Pink, Inc. at Blue Mark Studios in Atlanta. 

As is becoming common, I painted up to the very moment I left the house and was able to create two more pieces before I got dressed and bolted out the door. FUN! I promise. I opened up the show this time, which worked out well. For one, the models weren't exhausted by the time it was my turn. Also, to my delight, they took their shots with the photographer in my clothes. Yay me! So as soon as I arrived at the venue, I got straight to work. Fitted and dressed my models, then sent them to walk a pretty pink runway, but not before we snapped a few photos!

A whole bunch of AWESOME
If you've been following, I did use some of the pieces from the shows this summer, but I added some new pieces too. I even tried a new style of shirt. It worked out VERY well. I'm so excited. It feels good to try new things and they turn out nice, especially after I stress so much about construction. What do you guys think?

This may become my official summer 2011 shirt!
It was a good time. The models were cute and sweet. The make up was faaaabulous and everybody, guys included, had a little pink hair piece to set the looks off. It was a fun event and not nearly as long as some of the other ones I went to. Thank God. I even managed to run into someone from another show. Apparently Atlanta fashion industry isn't as big as it seems. Every experience is a learning one.

Right before I made the long trip back out to "horse country," as fellow blogger/soror/friend Pieces of Me  calls it, I managed to snap a quick photo with  the coordinator of the show and CEO of Dream Pink Inc., Danielle Perry, before she took her shoes off.

She's really not THAT much taller than me. iPromise.
That's it for the this post. Two more to go. To see more photos from the show, head over to the Fan Page.


3 More "Seasons in My Hair" Maybe...

I finished another painting. It made me happy. For the first time, I actually sketched something before I painted it. I sat down with my sketchbook for hours last Saturday and came up with lots of good ideas. I decided to roll with this one, because honestly, it was the smaller of the designs I had sketched out and I knew I could finish it more quickly. Instant gratification. So here it is...

"Winter in my hair" 

Once I had started it. I decided that I wanted to make it a set. I was going to call it "Seasons of my hair" or something like that. I had it all worked out, but what I didn't have was more canvas board. TRAUMA! Now, this isn't completely terrible, because I could always pikk up more later, BUT I like to start and complete things together, because I feel like things that go together should be created together. Is that weird? Maybe? Ok. *shrugs* I actually waited to finish this one thinking I would get to the store to buy more board. I didn't. So now that this one is finished, I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to the other three. We'll see.

Oh and since I'm here, if you're in the Atlanta area, come chekk me out this weekend.


I Did It...AGAIN!

I posted this one last night. Then I sold it. Maybe I'm onto something here. 

"Mattress to Mountaintop"


Festival of the Arts 10.2.10

I went. It was a bust. Not my fault. Everybody (term used loosely) LOVED my stuff, but it was lots of fun. It was a beautiful day and there was (good) live music the entire time. I really think people missed out....and maybe even some animals too. The event was to benefit the Cherokee County Humane Society, so lots of the attendees brought their dogs out to play. I brought paint!

Official Sidekikk of SYM1
Canvas. OOOOOH!
I took my mannequin out for the first time (shout out to @prncsskimmy for the awesome gift). I think I remember mentioning that I would name them as a family. Haven't gotten that far, but she looked lovely in my fav SYM1 lizard tee and a pair of my old jeans. I wonder if they still fit. I'm tempted to put them on again after seeing her in them. Stuff always looks so good on the mannequin.

iRokk SYM1

I did this tee for a  fashion show. It's definitely NOT my size, but since I'm currently tired of my "old" I figured I could keep this one for my self. Cut the collar out to make it wide. Let it hang off the shoulder. Winner!



I have an issue. Well, it's not MY issue...or maybe it is. You can tell me what you think in the comments.

I feel like I don't fit in. That's (kinda) great! I'm an individual. I'm an artist. I shouldn't fit in. However, the issue is that I don't feel like I fit in with artsy people. Artsy people...have a LOOK...of artsiness. I'm not sure what it is or how to describe it, but I definitely don't think it's me. I have lots of theories on why this may be the case, but I'm not sure if any of them have any merit. However, this has led me to believe that people don't take me seriously as an artist. It may also be why people think I'm a rapper and/or singer...I probably look more like one of THOSE artists. lol. Either way, it's a cause for action. So, I will be trying harder to look like I didn't try as hard. I will be making a conscious effort to look like my profession. I will be transforming to look like I'm a fiercely dangerous, paintbrush wielding warrior...STAND BAKK!!!

I had all these thoughts while standing in line at Forever 21. I thought, oh this looks weird. Artsy people would wear this...so I put it on. Took a picture.

Needless to say, that was too big of a step for me. I bought a pink infinity scarf instead.