Big Numbers: Day 30

One more day left in the month. Oh snap! I'm doing well on my numbers, though continuing at this rate will not help me reach my SYM1,000. Turnaround is currently less than a week. That right there blows my mind. I'm almost out of 5x7s. They are not on sale. I am devastated. Going to buy enough for the week and hope for a sale on Sunday. Other than that, I'm not buying anything. I do want some more paint though. More colors. I'm trying to be strong, which often requires that I just keep myself out of the craft store.

I figured out what was wrong yesterday. I couldn't decide what to paint, because I was trying to paint something ya'll would like....without being paid. lol. When I create like that, it's frustrating. No motivation. No inspiration. I don't know ya'll like that, but I do know me like that. Painting what I like works so much better....unless there is funding involved. That wasn't the case yesterday.

Today was much better. I woke up inspired. I had some ideas. Then before I could get to the paint room, my plan was foiled. No biggie. Now that I'm here, I sketched out three paintings. All of them come from my own mind. Only one is for your consumption, but of course I'll show you all the pictures when I'm done.

I also have plans for a couple of onesies, a bib or two, a shirt for me, and one for mommy. I have two pairs of shoes I want to do and no idea what I want to do to them, but I'm going to sit them in front of the tv and stare at them until they speak. Shoes are a BIG deal and at this point, they can't be replaced, so I want to get them right. Those are my plans for this week. I'll have a lot of openings to fill in to help with my quota, but that's a start.

Here's the painting for the day. More hair. It's always fun.

"Clouds and Curls" 30/365 and 57/1000
Final count for today...1. 57 down, 943 pieces and 335 days to go.

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Ashley said...

can't wait to see what you do with those shoes.