Big Numbers: Day 28

Guess what I did today? NOTHIN! Well, that's not true, but I didn't paint. I wanted to, but the day refused to go as planned. That's ok. No worries. It's all good. I'm going to bed soon and I'll get another crakk at it tomorrow.

Let's talk about the paintings I did yesterday. I didn't add a thing to them. When I woke up this morning, I felt like they were done. So, I signed them and posted them to the facebook fan page. The first one was a custom order form a client. She sent me a picture of this artwork and said she wanted something similar.

I really like this artwork. Don't know the artist, but I think they sell it at Target...if not, they should. I LOVE Target. Anyway, this looks NOTHING like me. Not my style at all. So it was really important that i foudn out what she really liked about this painting, so that I could try to capture the things that were most important to her. Honestly, I think the most important thing to her was the splatter paint. I took the basic idea of the piece...a girl dancing (caught in the groove) and changed it to my own style with the added specifications of my client. Darker skin, natural hair, pink, teal, blue, paint splatters. Easy as pie!

"Pikk and Groove" 52/1000
The second one was a product of my imagination. Only thing I knew from the jump was there would be fluffy hair. My favorite part of this one is the orange and red on the bottom. I said it was Kung Fu Panda meets lion King. I liked both those movies.

"Love Thy Fluff" 53/1000
These two pieces aren't anything alike, but I think the both look a lot like me (as an artist). Also, I think the two, as a pair, resemble the styles of the set of paintings I did last week on Day 21. I like that though. Part of the journey is about finding out what MY art looks like. I'm well on my way.

Oh and peep this set of three of my 5x7s. They were adopted by two different people, but I wanted to show you how these pieces can be purchased and displayed as sets. If you haven't noticed, some of them are actually kind of similar. I'm sure the more pieces I complete the more you'll be able to see this. I'll try to post some sets up as time progresses, to encourage the adoption of families so that nobody has to leave my house alone. Well, Id' really just like to point out some sets you may not have thought of.

Hypothetical set of 3

Final count for the day...Nada! Everything else, same as yesterday! lol. Almost.

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Trice said...

Im late, but FUNK these are amazing. Seriously.