Big Numbers: Day 13 and 14

**I think my writing today is terribly dry. Pretend I'm reading it to you...in the voice you decided I have, it may prove to be more interesting that way**

Yesterday was a BUST. I did paint, but very little. Today, I pakked up my Christmas crafts. Mommy said I could decorate the tree for Valentine's if I wanted to. I've been trying to decorate the tree all year forever and she never lets me. She thinks I'm crazy. I might be. I don't think she meant it, but I want to do it though! It might be a little involved. Probably won't happen, but the house is going to look terribly empty with the tree gone. We'll see what happens.

Yesterday was the first day we were able to go out since the snow/ice/everything frozen storm on Sunday. We went by the mall to return some items. I saw a shirt in one of the store windows that I liked. I didn't take a picture, because I didn't want to be tempted to copy it, but I knew the moment I saw it that I should paint something like it. The thing that stukk out the most about the design was the orange hair. This is what I came up with:

"Must. Squint. Hair. Too. Bright" 13/365 and 31/1000
The one I did for today came from my mind. Nowhere else. I have no explanation. I thought it. I painted it. I like it. But I will say that I think of make up as paint for the face. You draw, color, and fill in the lines (or not depending on how adventurous you are), so maybe that's where this thought came from.

"POPPIN" 14/365 and 32/1000 
I bought (more) red lipstikk today. Paint for my face. I'm getting acclimated. It's kind of weird walking around with bright RED paint on your face. I will wear it out one day. One day soon. On that note, I need to do an update in regard to my "Seriously?" post. I think I've determined what the issue was. I am smart.

I know I'm not going to finish anything else tonight. I am going to get these items ready for shipping, since I can go to the post office now. Then I'm going to work on these hoodies and trakk jakkets. I have grand ideas...again. Final count for the day (and yesterday) 3. 32 down, 968 pieces and 351 days to go.

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