"Beauty and the Sea Beast"

Well, I'm into octopus right now. It is what it is. I started and finished this one just before mommy died. Maybe a month before. I painted it in her bedroom. On the floor. And I stored it under her dresser, along with the paint, when I wasn't working on it. I hung it on my wall many months ago, not sure if I felt like it was complete. I made one change. A very small change. Oh and I signed my name. That makes it official. This is finished and available for purchase...

"Beauty and the Sea Beast" 
So, what ya think? I love the colors on this. Loved the octopus...that's the reason why I did "8th and O."


PURPLE: Again...but new

I had the pleasure of making purple gifts for two special events that occurred over the weekend. How convenient. Now I only have to write one post. 

One was a set of gifts for a baby shower. I did the onesies, bib and the picture frame, but didn't have to decorate the box this time. For baby Judith:  

What do you think? 
I also painted this for a wedding. I learned a lesson w/ this one...no more pearl paint! But it came out nice. Chekk it out: 

The couple chose to use it on their gift table...and I FRAMED it! It was easy. But still...lol. So, now they can take it home and hang it up to commemorate their special day. I love when things do double duty.