Progress Report

***Random: I started to buy myself a "world's best boss" mug today. I'm so good to myself***

My second post was about my new schedule. Here's my public report of how that's going. I'm giving myself a C+. I'm doing VERY well with most things. I've been exceptional as far as doing only things that are planned for certain days on those days, BUT I lose points, because there have been a few days that I have skipped all together (particularly the one where I update my address book). The biggest issue is actually painting. I always want to, but I can't say I always FEEL like it, so I don't. I have a goal I'm trying to achieve as far as how many pieces I paint per day. My original goal was a bit too steep for starters, so I amended it. However, I have yet to consistently reach that place either.

I had a conversation with someone about this very issue and I was told that I should extend my creativity to ALL aspects of my business. I, the boss, needs to offer some incentive to myself, the employee, to motivate me to reach my daily quota. Food is no longer an option, and neither is firing myself for deficiency. So here's where my creativity comes into play. I have this not so grand, ridiculous(ly special) idea that I will host some paint improv sessions over the course of a few days. My hope is that it will a) give me an opportunity to interact w/ my customers b) have me painting to build my inventory while c) forcing me to be accountable to someone other than myself d) alleviate the boredom I sometimes feel from painting the same types of pieces each day and e) we (those who choose to participate and I) will have some fun. Can I get a break a leg?

Update to come...soon (enough).



A normal day in my inbox or comment section on my photos would include at least one message with a question similar to this:

Hey SYM, I'm an avid fan of the group “monkeys & margaritas.” I would really like to get a shirt with their logo on it, but I haven't seen one on your pages. Do you make those? -Ashley (b/c it's always Ashley)

Now, for starters, I'm always here thinking...I don't even know what that is, why would I have a shirt about it. However, the bottom line is, if you don't see it, it's only because nobody has ordered it yet. I'm not discriminating against your organization, band, or favorite flavor of ice cream, but 90% of my products are made to order. If you can think it up, (“monkeys & margaritas” or “pom poms and rose petals”) I can make it, but if you plan to wait for random things such as these to occur, they may never come into existence. There's no point in making things I can't sell, wear, or give away. So, if you're feeling outlandish, or if you want something that's rare, or (more) unique than what I normally have available. Don't be afraid. Just order it, so you can have it first.