Happy Year of SYM1

Welcome to MY year everybody. I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve, Day, and overall holiday break. Now it's time to get bakk to work!

I started on my big numbers projects. I've learned stuff already. Who would have thought the answers would start coming in so soon?

1st up: This tv is going to be a real problem. I noticed how, even when I'm not watching it, but it's still on that it either distracts me, or messes up my energy. I've resolved to keep it off while I paint. Now, the issue here is...how often am I going to turn it on. Eek!

2nd: The part where I paint more than one piece at a time is going to make painting a 5x7 a FOREVER process. I had to stop painting a bag last night to make sure I finished my 1/365 before midnight.

3rd: Umm...so I didn't give any thought to when I'd actually post these things until yesterday. So I'm posting day one on day two...which is fine, until I get to day 365. I can't post that on day 366. That just ruins the plan. The blogging/posting part will be hard. I like to do it when I'm at the beginning or end of something. Except I'm hardly ever done for the day until I go to bed. There's no...let's stop at 11, then blog, then sleep. I have 364 days to figure out what works.

4th: Something that I've always known and have recognized will definitely be difficult. I don't EVER rush...unless I have to. And when I have to I HATE it. It's definitely bad for my art work. However, I'm on a time constraint. I'm trying to see it more as a challenge/game and less like a restriction. This is supposed to be fun. My leisurely attitude/pace is definitely a blessing and a curse. I'm trying to work with it, tame it, but not kill it, which is one of the reasons why I'm doing this in the first place.

There may be more, but this is getting long. On with the paint!

1st piece of the year. 1/1000 MINE
1/365 and 2/1000 "Only One Me"
Were you expecting something epic? My bad. It's not at all like I saw it in my head. The message is correct...and I love the colors. All sugar and sunshine (just like me)! I'm going to make another one. Not exactly like it, but more like what's in my head. I'll explore it til I get it right. That's the purpose of the project. I'm on it! Any other day, I would have just said..."this isn't right" and then painted over it. Not this year. I'll just make another one tomorrow or in this case TODAY. Oh the fun!

I closed the day out with this piece. I liked the bag I made for myself so much...I decided to make another to sell. I like this too, but one thing I don't need is another bag! Who wants it?

I won't be posting ALL 1,000 pieces, but if you chekk out my Fan Page on Facebook you can see the entire set and a bunch of other stuff. It's going to be awesome! :D

3 down. 997 pieces/364 days to go.


bliss bloom {blog} said...

LOVE the boom bag! And props to you for taking on such a huge year-long project. Great way to start off the new year!

SYM1 said...