Big Numbers: Day 18

Things I learned...not necessarily today.

Don't think so hard. Sometimes I try SO hard to make something look exactly like what it is. That can be boring and tedious. I've learned that if I get the basics down, people will still be able to grasp what it is without any additional details. Saves me a lot of time and headache. It's like a de-cluttering of the artistic expression. Think of how you would draw when you were little. Square house...triangle roof...four pane windows. Simple, but easy to figure out. I'm going for that, but better. 

Here's the piece for today. I'm not sure if I thought my way through. That's fun sometimes. As usual, it's the last thing I touched today. I'm ready to go to bed. I wanted to get done. I like it. A lot. The bright colors. The androgyny. Do you think it's a man or a woman? 

"Carrot Top" 18/365 and 36/1000
I also continued working on this. It was completely pink. I don't think I was ready. Or maybe the canvas wasn't ready. I ended up painting over it. I was hurt. Wasting paint. I'm stukk again though. Whatever I thought I wanted to do has changed since I started doing it. Ugh. I can say, the girl now has a beautiful chocolaty skin color. And I want this dress. When I'm done, I'll tell you about where it came from.

We may have to settle for updates because some of these pieces won't get done in a single day. I still have onesies for when the emergency finally hits...it is near. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted. Final count for the day....1. 964 pieces and 346 days to go. 


Ashley said...

I think that's a man with long hair.

so my pink-ish, purple-ish woman is now chocolate-ty? lol, I still like her. and yes, I'd like to know where her dress came from. it's cute, looks form fitting and I love form fitting dresses.

SYM1 said...

I wrote about her dress on Day 21. The day I completed it.