Big Numbers: What day is it...again again?

I dunno. I'm not even trying to count. I do have pics though. Of things. And then I'm going to go outside and finish up more things so I can post pics of that too. I mean, just awesome on top of awesome. I'm not really as excited as I sound. I have no idea why. I'm happy to be making progress. I think I was a little bored this week. I'm not going to speak too much on that though. I have to conduct further studies to see if that was just a moment or if it was an ultimate revelation that I need to deal with. We shall see. I think tonight and the rest of the weekend, I'm going to focus on paint...and home. I am in a pretty good mood, and that is good for creativity, because I'm completely comfortable in silence. I may do a lil music. Toss some glitter and slang some paint. STAND BAKK!!!

So......this is what I finished this week:

217 and 218/1000
I made these for my cousin and her hubby to be. They are going to Vegas!

The front of both shirts. 

219/1000 These bad boys is SHINAAAAY!



215/1000 "Currently Untitled"

Now...I'm gonna go inhale some fumes. Not really. I wear a mask. Extended exposure will cause cancer. IN YOUR LUNGS!!! I need those. But I'll be bakk. With more pictures and maybe some correct days.


TPT: But, what is it?

Ok, so here's my follow up to the BAD art post I did last week. I was still thinking about it after the fact. In my opinion, art serves at least two functions (I didn't think past two). One is for the creator, the other is for the "beholder." I think the artist fulfills his/her needs by creating...and the viewer fulfills his/her need by interpreting/relating. I don't think it's important to understand what the artist meant when creating the artwork to be able to find something to relate to in each piece. Often, this is why I don't explain to you what I intended to do. Shoot, sometimes I experience my art from both ends of the spectrum. Almost everything I produce is different than how I imagined or intended it to be. So the feeling I get when I create is often not the feeling that I get when I finally get to view my work outside of my head. I'm not big on trying to understand what the artist meant, though I've often made a game of it. Isn't it fun to guess? To create your own story? To make it your own? Especially if you're going to keep it in your home. You want the story to be about a lover's passion and not a bloody mass suicide. Well, maybe. *shrugs* No answer is more right than another if the artist has chosen not to make a statement in regard to that particular piece. However, I am growing to understand how an explanation could be important when trying to grasp an understanding of a piece, especially things like dirt on the carpet. 


TPT: If it is, it is art

A couple of weeks ago, there was an artist I follow on twitter tweeting live from an art show. Said artist was on twitter, posting pics of some of the pieces with "BAD ART" as the descriptions. Admittedly, I did agree with him in some of the instances. Some of it was the kind of art that makes you go "REALLY? You just gon spread some dirt on the carpet and call it a masterpiece?"  But as a whole, I don't believe that there is a such a thing as BAD ART. Nothing is unworthy of being art. Everything counts. Remember my "Life is Art" post? It all counts and it all matters. Everything else is subjective. 

**Just after writing this, I read this post by Kesha Bruce on Understanding Difficult Art. I think she was talking about same issue I mentioned above. The dismissal of art that you don't get. I admire her optimism when looking at pieces that most of us may consider questionable. She gives some tips that may help you get it...or forget it. Everything ain't for everybody.**


Big Numbers: A friend for Umami

I still don't know which day it is. I'm still not going to take the time to chekk. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow when I actually finish something new. Today, I just wanted to show ya'll this other naked chikk I painted last week. Between my house guests and this crazy frikkin internet, I haven't had a chance to post.

She's lovely, and mommy named her. The bakkground was inspired by this African fabric that I googled. I didn't save the picture, because I never do. But I loved the colors and the leaves. I actually found LOTS of patterns that I liked. It's a good place to start for me. Maybe you'll see more in the future. Anyway, I started this during the #twitterartmarathon so I have a few of the early photos as well.

In the beginning....

Then after that....
"Margarita" 212/1000
Peep her glossy shine. This was much easier than the first time. I have no idea why.

"Margarita" 212/1000

I'll be bakk with more in the near soon time. God knows I have plenty to paint. I haven't pikked up a brush in a few days, but I was able to sketch some things out while my internet failed. I think I'll work on those today and just skip the whole clean my room thing that should probably be near the top of my list. Maybe I'll do both.....or not. Have a happy Tuesday!


Big Numbers: I Painted a Basketball

I don't know what number or what day I am on. What I can tell you is that...I'm tired! lol. I've had a LOT of company recently, but now everybody is gone and I can get bakk to business as (kind of) usual.

One of my repeat clients asked me to do a basketball for her. I was excited! It was something new to do. Then I started working on it...and I got mad. It wasn't as hard to paint as I thought, but it was mishap after mishap. I finished JUST in time to get it to the post office before closing time. Frustrated or not, I'm still a beast. I forgot to take nice pics before I pakked it up, but I took some with my phone while it was drying. Here, be nosy:

This was 211/1000. I haven't posted 207-210. They are coming soon. I also have 212. See, I've been (kind of) working. Just trying to get bakk into the swing of things. Excuse me while I catch up!


TPT: My Wallpaper

I think Tine sent this to me. I thought it was pretty...and cool. Now I look at it every day. It's so ME.

I also have no idea what this has to do with a Mercedes Benz. *shrugs* Whatever, it works for me.


Quikkie: Peep my earrings...and my HAIR!

Ok. This is short, I just wanted to shout out Black Betsy Earring Co. for my bomb.com earrings. (She's having a SALE by the way.) I bought these when I was doing the last of my 2010 shopping. I didn't include them in my last post. So, here they are. They looked super cute with my outfit and my new hair! lol. 

I'm rokkin it big and fluffy now. WILD. Who says I have to be bored? Took care of that. So, this is me until I change my mind. 


I think Facebook is increasingly nosy, but as with all things, there is some good in it. This particular day Facebook was particularly interested in showing me some albums from my frat brother, F. Daniel Hobson, in the "nosy column." He's an excellent photographer, so I'm happy to chekk out whatever it is fb wants me to see. This is what I found: 

Then I saved it so I could show you. Isn't this...pretty?


Big Numbers: Day 178 #twitterartmarathon

I linked up w/ some other artsy folks on Tuesday for the #twitterartmarathon and spent the majority of the day PAINTING! It was awesome. Mostly because I got the chance to work WITH other people. In different time zones and countries. Oh snap! Even if they weren't physically here, we were all working at the same time. Then we were supposed to update by posting photos at least once an hour. Easy business. 

I had such a good time AND I actually got something done. That doesn't always work when I'm working alone. I was happy about that. I completed one order and I started two paintings. And I added some finishing touches to some of these pieces I need to ship...tomorrow. lol. 

Here are the onesies I did: 

Diff version of an old design



205/1000 (bakk)

Final count for the day was 4. That puts me at something ridiculous...like 206/796/187 to go, as of Tuesday. Not worried. I am sleepy though.