TPT: Encouragement: Ira Glass

Soror/friend Tine showed me something great from her tumblr that made me do an inner happy dance and shout. It's great to discover/feel that someone else knows exactly what it is you are going through. Sometimes you don't necessarily have the words to articulate it and sometimes they're just a little further along and have found the words to describe it. I, at this point, don't feel like I'm without words for it, but I wish I had found these words sooner.

How's that for encouragement? :o) 


Big Numbers: Day 168/169

I know I mentioned this before, but I have like...THIS MANY...blank unpainted items. They are stored in my BEDROOM. I want to reclaim my space. That and I have like 799 pieces left to make to complete my SYM1,000. Since the internet was giving me so many problems this week, I took the time out to work on some completely random stuff just for the sake of having something to do.

I painted these three bags. Practicing my patterns I guess.




The set. They look nice together.
If one of you have 3 little girls, these bags are a super cute idea.
 I'd be willing to add names. 

I also did a few pieces for the 36$5. I had intended to do 4 cupcakes. I got to 2 before I got bored. *shrugs* I love the freedom to do as I choose.

 94/365 and 200/1000 "Mojito"

95/365 and 201/1000 "Strawberry Lemonade" 

Then there's this.
96/365 and 202/1000 "Victory: Circles"

I saw some pretty art on etsy. It was literally just a bunch of circles. I liked it so I went for it. Based off memory of course. I don't think I got it right though, because it doesn't feel as pretty. BUT I love the colors. Makes me think of a FLY nursery. I'm going to try it again. Just because I'd like to make something very easy and ultra fly. I will not be outdone by a darn circle! HA!

Final count for this weekend 6. That makes current...well current at the time count...202/798/197 to go. Hmmm...Under 800 left. Hahahaha! That seems so ridiculous to me. Nonetheless, I have a pakk of onesies to paint and a few shirts. I'm cleaning my room now, so hopefully I can paint the night away. I am SO not moved by summer TV.

Big Numbers: Day 167

So, I have these dreams. They are usually very vivid to say the least. Unlike most people, or at least people I know, I can remember them. Which leads me to wonder how much I don't remember. Anyway, that's far too much thought. I'm good at that. Some of the dreams are so wild, with the creatures you see in movies. The kind of creatures that make you think what were they smokin' when they came up with that. At least that's always what I thought. I've always wished I could think that far outside the box.  Well apparently I smoke some of the same stuff, because I CAN think that far outside the box. I'm just still finding a way to illustrate it. Give me some time.

The other night I had a dream about a man with...Skittles or something like them growing out of his head. At the time, I remembered some of what came before. I don't anymore. But I decided to give it a go. Of course, this isn't exactly how I saw it in my head, but that's so common now, I don't even second guess it. Here's what I came up with.
196/1000 "High King" 

Mommy always asked when I would paint a man. Well...here he is. Final count at this point, 196/804/198. << Less than 200 days left! EEK!

TPT: 3 Messages That Annoy Me

Let's get right to the point.

1) Let me know when you decide to post some of your work.

SERIOUSLY? When I decide to post SOME of it? I've posted EVERY piece I've EVER done in the last 4yrs+ on Facebook. Where have YOU been? While I believe that somewhere someone has been reporting me as spam, you're going to sit here and say you've never seen ANY of my work? Ever? *falls out* 

2) Let me know when you do a "skeleton on a safari" piece. 

Nobody ever asked for that specifically, but again, why would I ever just paint a skeleton on safari? When exactly would one expect me to get around to doing that? For what?!?!??! People are silly. I'm sure. Wrote an entire post on this before...it still happens. Clikk here >Monkeys and Margaritas

3) Let me know when you get more in stokk

But...it's a custom shirt. Why would I just make you a custom shirt that looks just like a custom shirt I did already all willy nilly? 

*cries hysterically and shouts* I'M JUST ONE WOMAN (an extraordinary woman, but just one)!!! Let me keep what's left of my sanity. Or I could lose it and get a husband...I know ya'll like em crazy.


Battle Comcast

**Please add your own expletives, nekk and eye rolls, dramatic pauses, sighs and WTF faces to this post in order to grasp my full annoyance at my current predicament**

I can't for the life of me understand why Comcast is hating me so much right now. I paid my bill. I want internet that works. FAST. All day. Every day. Even when I'm sleeping. I'm answering emails and sending invoices and then...all out the blue “Something is wrong...” That is so annoying. This is like the 3rd time this week. I'm going to call. AGAIN. This has got to stop. Interrupting MY productivity. It's the worst when you're actually TRYING to work and your internet won't let you be great. I'm fighting bakk. If I can get an entire day to behave, I can get Comcast to get my net life together. -End Rant

Round I: Comcast. Once you're reading this, it won't matter, but I've typed this up and I can't post it, because “Something is wrong...” Hahahaha.

Round II: AT&T. I guess their on Comcast's side. I called. I was on hold for a like 6 minutes. Finally get someone on the phone. “Call Failed.”  

Yeah...so I gave up fighting. Decided to wait it out. Not sure if it's completely fixed yet. I'm just taking advantage of the current window. I painted instead. FUN! I can't wait to show ya'll. But that's still based off the in my head. I hope it comes out right. 


TPT: I'm Blessed

I'm just sitting at my computer, trying to encourage you all to BUY MORE STUFF and I get an IM on my facebook. That's normal. The message, however, was not.

My soror, who shall not be named, sent me a message to ask me how she could send me some money. *Praise Dance* I'm thinking she wants to BUY something, because people NEVER hit you up to do something for you, but she just wanted to sow into my business. To show her support. To help me out with some art supplies Now, it's one thing for a close friend to do it, but although me and this particular soror do speak on a somewhat regular basis, I would have never expected such a gift. I was moved. *thug tears* THEN she promised to buy something when she closed on her home. *throws confetti* I have lots of regular customers, and I appreciate them all, but there was something very special about her willingness to do this for me for absolutely nothing in return. I'm grateful, for not only the monetary support, but her kindness as well.

I wrote earlier this year that I was limiting/eliminating my shopping/spending. This includes personal shopping and SYM1 shopping too. Ya'll have got to understand how difficult this was/is for me. I shop. I like it. It gives me pleasure. Not just for clothes and shoes and accessories, but PAINT and anything else! Of course I have to buy paint and supplies to keep the business going, but I'm not buying anything I don't need. I haven't purchased anything since, maybe April. It's a struggle,  but thank God I still have my groceries. When you make a purchase, that money is used to pay bills and buy gas and all the regular things you do when you get paid. However, THIS money came with specific instructions, so I went and bought supplies. I was so excited and I wanted to make sure she got her money's worth! lol.

Here's all the stuff I bought:

4 8x8 gallery wrapped canvases (Bought 3 got 1 free)
2 big tubes of acrylic paint (These were my deal of the day. I got them on clearance for about 60% off.)
1 3pk of canvas boards
1 tote bag
1 bottle of fabric paint (The first one since 2010. I actually ran out of white paint.)
1 Tie Dye Kit (I got this for 70% off!!! I'm so excited about this. Mommy is too. I've never done it before.)


***But it's been 3 days since I went shopping. I realized, I don't need that blue tote. I had one already. I don't want those canvas boards. AND I got two really great coupons from the craft store, so I'm taking those things bakk and using the money to buy a BIG canvas.***

Soror, I appreciate you so much. Thank you for your awesome gift and for believing in me. I can't begin to express to you what that particular act of kindness has meant to me. God bless you!


Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part III)

Ok. Last one for the day. My neighbor came over last weekend and I just happened to have some bags sitting in the living room which then turned into a conversation about my work. I ended up pulling out a couple more items so she could take a look and she says, "you have to tell people you do these things.If I didn't see those bags in the chair I never would have known." I get that a lot. It's always a weird statement to me, because I always figured it was one of those things you discuss when it's brought up. "What do you do for a living?" Then I say "I'm an artist...I do this this and this." I mean, I'm not sure what kind of work she does...so it's not like I was HIDING my talent, it just never came up. I've been accused of "not mentioning" it before, so I'm wondering how I'd do that when it's just not the natural order of the conversation. Am I weird like that? Or do ya'll find that to be an issue as well?

Anywho, she loves my totes and bought one on the spot and had me make three more. Dang, she was right. I should have mentioned it sooner. lol. I'm done with the last three now. I had fun making them and I'm excited to take them to her and see what she thinks.

193/1000 For her granddaughter who's 5.
 This one is my favorite, but it got me to thinking. Whose idea was it to teach us that giraffe's were yellow and orange? They aren't even CLOSE to that color. But I'm not really talking, I just continued with the lie. I will say though, I originally wanted to make it powder blue and purple. Can I get a pass?

194/1000 For her grandson who's 3. 

195/1000 For her sister who shall remain ageless
That was fun. Current count is 195/805/203 to go. Really? That's a lot of days. I still have a chance!

Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part II)

So, I'm dividing this up because, I'm trying something different. The pieces that I've completed over the weekend have nothing to do with each other, so I thought I'd try grouping. I'm not sure if that makes anything worse or better, but it's worth a try. Also, I finished things on Friday (160) and Saturday (161) I'm writing today (162) and I may or may not finish something tonight. See, it's just too many numbers. lol. It's a lot to make three posts in one day, but now I can say I did it. :o)

I started this painting a while bakk. This gallery I was trying to put my stuff in had a show about animal spirits. I'm like wtf is that? I didn't dig deep at all. I didn't get it. If you've been following my works, you should know that I love koi and peacokks. I paint them a lot. So, I decided to try a fish. After painting the blue bakkgroud I was just like NO! I put the canvas over in a corner and just called it quits. It's been about three months and I finally...well the painting decided that it wanted to be finished.

Here's what happened:

192/1000 "Sasha Fish"
It came out better than I thought. And I had fun doing it. I'm actually a little found of her. I tried the glossy finish on the bubbles again.  YAY! Anybody else notice I'm almost @ 200? Which means I'm nearing 1/5 of my goal and 1/2 the year is gone. TRAGEDY. *falls out*

Big Numbers: Day 162 (Part 1)

I'm not sure if I remember a time in my life that I didn't have a piggy bank. I do know that I've never had one shaped like a pig. Whatever the shape may be, I support the piggy bank. I know some of you are far too grown and save ALL your money in a bank, but I've been in enough situations to know that having $50-60 worth of change in your immediate reach is a LIFE SAVER!

I think the piggy bank is a trendy item again and I bought this little one at the store with full intent to join in! He's been a pale green miniature monstrosity sitting on my shelf for over a year waiting for me to finally get around to giving him a SYM1 special. Now....

"Warrior Pig" 191/1000

It's a little harder to paint something that's not flat. No one told me. *shrugs* I had fun. And I don't have anymore piggies. I must suffer until someone requests one and I can buy more (I couldn't hint harder if I tried). I'm guessing, this piggy could hold about $5 worth of pennies or $25-40 if you throw in some dimes and quarters. However, I'm no expert at those "guess how much games" BUT you could always have him shipped to your house to fill him up and find out.



I'm up painting last night and the box I keep my brushes in is looking extra empty and I'm trying to do all these pieces without my favorites. I got up and looked in the usual places and nothing is there. *scratches head* And now I'm thinking, I need to buy more brushes, but ya'll know I'm not BUYING stuff. I'm annoyed. Then I remember...I need to clean up. I mean I do, but this is going to help me find my brushes. Do you know what I've been doing? Now that I have long hair again, I've been using my brushes to keep my hair out of my face.

I'm happy to have hair again. 

Then when I leave the house, I just pull them out because I don't feel like it's a great idea to be walking around with paintbrushes in my head. Needless to say, sometimes the brushes never make it bakk to where they should be. There are brushes in my car. Brushes in my bed. Brushes in my purse. In the kitchen. SMH. At least this makes me interesting, right?


Big Numbers: Day 153

I didn't do nearly as much as I would have liked today...and clearly that's completely normal. I have some things started for tomorrow already, so I suppose I'm in a good place.

I don't have much to say about these. They are what they are and they came straight out of my head. Not much to explain. Just look at the pictures. :D

89,90,91/365 and 186,187,188/1000 "Blossom"
I don't really think my photo taking skills does this one justice.
The colors are BRIGHT and beautiful.  Less pink. More red.

92,93/365 and 189,190/1000 "Proper Disposal of Previous Partner"
That's it for today. As always, both pieces are for sale. I always post to the blog first. So, ummm...who want one? :D Final count for the day...5. Which leaves me at 190/810/212. Hooray for progress?


Big Numbers: What day is it (again)?? 152

Last time, or near last time I mentioned how much I LOVED the inkblots. I do. I think ya'll enjoyed them too. I got a great response. So I did a couple more. For fun. YAY!!! I used two different kinds of paint this time. I prefer the kind I used last week, but these are cool too. I also added some detail to the bakkgrounds this time. Here's what I did:

This one is clearly a man with dreads...praying...on the beach...at sunrise. If you don't see it, you're blind. :o)

85/365 and 182/1000 "Worship"

Aaaaand this one is another frog? Not a cute live one like last time. This is the frogs that come in the lil baggies that you have to chop up in biology class. Aww, poor froggy.

86/365 and 183/1000 "Frogger"
smh...didn't consider the implications of the title and him being a biology frog. Oops! 

And this last one is a little strange. It's the ghost of the Baby Phat cat after passing at age 93 looking at her reflection in a pond. #BOOM Or, it could be those "We are Siamese if you please" cats. They were kinda spooky huh?

87,87/365 and 184,185/1000 "Scaredy Cats"
 I see half a butterfly once it's rotated. I also saw snails in this one.

Ya'll like that don't you? I dug deep. Do you see anything different?

Final count for the day: 4. I'm currently @ who knows what...ummm...186/812/213 to go.