Big Numbers: Day 21

Whaaaat??? It's the 21st already? Wow! It was kind of productive. It's strange how I can equate kind of with actually finishing multiple pieces. I wonder at what point kind of becomes actual. I'm just a little crazy. Don't mind me.

Today I learned the same thing I learned maybe two days ago. Everything doesn't have to look like exactly what it looks like. What it looks like in my head is fine and often beautiful. Sometimes people comment on my photos and say..."is that....?" or "that looks like...." and of course I know that it's not what they think it is, but now that they said so, it could be. It's FUN! Like blind dating for imaginations. The outcome is sometimes the same too. Not the part where you have really bad sex with a stranger, but the part where you go away thinking..."Did s/he REALLY JUST.....?? Hmmm....ok." That could be really positive or really negative. You never know.

So, here's the first piece I finished today. It's not really like it was in my head. I like it though. Wait, I lied. I LOVE it! I love the colors and that I successfully executed a curly fro. I rokk! I feel like it looks like me. Not me personally, but SYM1ish. Way to go me!

"Fluff and Soul" 41/1000

My second piece of the day has been in the making for months. I haven't been actively working on it all that time, but I originally had a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Then, I didn't anymore. I began by painting the entire canvas pink. It was intentional. I hated it. I think the canvas hated it too. So it sat here pink and blank for about two months. However, since I'm not shopping until I run out of something, I didn't want this particular canvas to be the LAST thing I worked on. It was a problem I didn't want to takkle with no other options.

When I decided to give it a second go round, I started by drawing the outline of the figure. Then I painted the bakkground. I was hurt. Felt like I was wasting paint. Pink paint that would never be seen. Tragedy. I already had a dress in mind. It's a combination of one I saw on Wendy and something from Anna from "V." When you last saw it, I was at this point and confused!

Kinda Before...Again

I had no idea what to do next, but she certainly couldn't be pink. Fixed that. I intended for her hair to be short, but the way I positioned her face, you couldn't see any of it, so she looked like a bobble head. I added hair. Then I got scared.

I was pretty much done with the base picture. She had no face. No jewelry. No bakkground. And I didn't want to add much of anything, because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I didn't want to have to redo anything. I didn't have a clear picture in my head of what it was supposed to look like. I was going with the flow. I didn't know if I was making the right color choices. I was scared to add the words. The glitter. The glasses. I didn't know what color lipstikk to use. But I did whatever I felt, simply because it's what I felt like doing. And not doing what I felt like doing was becoming just as annoying and frustrating as being afraid to do what I felt like doing. Today I learned to stop being so damn scary. I GOT THIS...and when and if I don't, I have more paint! lol. This is what happened:

42/1000 "Janay (Derwin's Baby Momma)"

And yes I did. Was it planned? NOPE! Completely coincidental...and I'm ready to go to bed. No more fighting the feelings. HA! She's probably thinking more like "bish please" in regard to Melanie, but I did what I was feeling she was suggesting at the time. Guess what? I LOVE IT! I'd also love for her to be adopted into a loving home. But until then, I'm more than happy to have her here. 

Here's my 5x7 for the day. I'm bakk to normal I suppose. It's late. I'm just finishing it. The paint is still wet. *shrugs* I don't know why you would judge me for that, but if you are, stop it. I didn't want to do colored hair today. I wanted to paint a word. I chose fresh because Tanaya mentioned something about vegetables and peaches. When I was about 8 or 9, I got all my clothes from "The Children's Place." Bakk then EVERYTHING was bright colored and AWESOME! I had this shirt that said 100% Fresh. I don't remember the design much, but the shirt was purple. Or maybe pink. I remember drawing it in 3rd grade. The shirt in the drawing was purple. I don't think the real shirt was though. Memories are so selective. Anyway, I started there and finished here:

"100% Fresh" 21/365 and 43/100

Final count for the day 3. 947 pieces and 344 days to go!


Ashley said...

I love it! and it's funny that you mentioned that your pictures COULD be what we (your fans/customers) suggest that it might be b/c looking at the afro chikk, she KIND of puts one of the Boondocks boys in my head. Like if they were afro-ed out girls or something. Which, ultimately put Regina King in my head.

did I think too much into that piece? if I did, sorry. I love it though.

SYM1 said...

One is permitted to think as much as they would like. It's left up to you. Those are the joys of art. Which is one of many reasons why I love it.