Big Numbers: Day 23

I'm bakk! Again!

Today I learned that I can use spray paint....in the house....with no mask...and not pass out! BOOM! But I won't be doing much of that. By the time I started painting, it was too dark and cold to go out and I really wanted to start this piece. Next time I'll do it in the day time. So far it's coming along nicely. It's another pink canvas, but way more awesome than the one I talked about on Day 21.

I'm happy to report that the SYM1,000 has cut about two weeks off of turnaround time. I'm focused on production and numbers. I paint even when I don't have anything to paint. So when an order comes in I'm usually already in the mood. It fits into my daily habits. Of course this completely eliminates rush fees, but this is great for my customers. It is also less stress for me and I can really say I'm happy that people don't have to wait so long to get their orders. I know they get anxious.

Today was a great day for thinking and soundboarding (yes there was a word adjustment here). I'm feeling a little inspired. After only 23 days, I can see some direction. I see things coming together. Not only that, but I see other people catching on to the vision, even though I haven't explained it yet. I promise I'm going somewhere with this, though I can't say I knew the road I was going to take to get there when I started. I just knew that it would come to me if I just kept creating.

My soror/friend asked me if I thought 2011 was getting off to a good start. The simple answer is YES! I feel good. I feel inspired. I feel happy. I feel accomplished. I feel like it's going to keep getting better. I'm excited about tomorrow (not literally...well kind of) and the days ahead. I think in time, you all will be able see my vision come together as I continue to do more pieces. It's coming together for me. THIS is my year. :D

Here's my 36$5 for the day. Bakk to hair. I missed it. :D

"Whip and Flair" 23/365 and 48/1000

Final count for the day 2. 952 pieces and 342 days to go!

PS: I jakk up this count EVERY day! I just went through the last 4 days and asked myself "have you been drinking?" It's ok. I told ya'll I would do it. Easy math, just too many numbers. I promise I'm way more genius than my recent skills would suggest. HA!

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