Big Numbers: Day 3

Maaaan...today was a complete challenge. Not because anything in particular happened. I just knew I had to be out of the house for the majority of the day...away from my paint and I would be tired when I came home. I definitely felt like my outing would throw a wrench in my painting plans. However, I planned accordingly and had a counter attack ready! And the challenge had a counter counter attack. Just my lukk.

I decided if I couldn't paint, then innovation...or regression was key. I pakked up my sketch book and my colored pencils and said BOO-YAH challenge! I got something for that! Then I went to Bullseye and bought some markers and made my own traveling, make it work, bustin' 1,000 WIDE open art kit in my handy dandy forever fly peacokk messenger bag! Woop!

Sadly, I didn't finish as many as I would have liked...but I did finish two. And given how I'm feeling at only 12:21 am, that's pretty good. Here's what I knokked out: 

"umm...iDoodle?" 7/1000
This was the result of my travel emergency kit. The point was to keep creating...so although it's not exactly what I had originally intended, it was fun and I didn't over think it. I just did what came to me. You know what else? When I talk about people askin me to do crazy things on shirts, I imagine it's something just DUMB like this. "Aye, lemme get this BIG text...and over the Os, lemme get a dude with a big ole smiley head sittin on a bridge holdin a blue balloon...and...beside it a big puffy purple cloud...with polka dots inside...." *straight face*

Then I managed to crank this one out just before midnight. Honestly, I'm glad I decided to do it. Not only because I didn't want to miss a day so early on...or at all for that matter, but it really did relax me. I was listening to my Pandora station (Jill Scott today) and looked up, kind of like how you wake up from a day dream, and had that feeling of "how long have I been sitting here?" Feels good to me!

"You don't mean it" 8/1000
I really like these colors. I definitely let the spirit move me on this one. I just stared at this tiny canvas panel and thought..."what now? I wanna go to bed." Then just pikked up the brush. This is what happened.

What I learned today: Colored pencils are great...and even greater when you don't forget to pakk a pencil sharpener. iTried. lol. Oh and I'm frighteningly more comfortable with a tube of Tulip than I am with a paint brush. Going to do some nipping in that bud.

Day 3 complete. 992 pieces and 362 days to go. Take that, take that! 


Terrell said...
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Terrell said...

I think I found the first piece I want to buy. That "You don't mean it" looks pretty nice. *Makes mental note*.... hmmm guess I have to hurry though. Hmm...

But yeah congrats! And thanks for the inspiration as always.