Big Numbers: Day 29

Yesterday, I said I didn't complete anything, but I forgot that I had done my 5x7 for day 28 on day 27. I was going to add something to it, but today when I remembered that I had done it, I decided I like it the way it is. So convenient!

Day 28's piece was another "don't waste the paint piece." I used the blues left over from the "Love Thy Fluff" piece from yesterday's post. This was even after I scooped the little bits bakk into the tubes. (I'm almost out of white. I might have to buy a bottle. *bites nails*)

"Ebb and Flow" 28/365 and 55/1000

Day 29 is another splattery type thing. Before I did it, I didn't consider how I was going to draw through the blakk, but I made it work. I added a lil extra color on the end. I felt like she deserved it.

"Sunday Mourning" 29/365and 56/1000
**yep, I changed the name**

That's it for today. I don't have a lot to say. I'm trying to start these two paintings and the answers aren't really coming to me. I find that highly annoying. Maybe tomorrow, I'll just do clothes instead. I have a lot of things left to paint. Do people still use table cloths? I have some...and napkins. (Everybody oooh and aaaah) Maybe I'll work on that. *shrugs* This is what lakk of inspiration sounds like....if, of course, I'm coming across as bored and indecisive.

Final count for the day...1. 56 down, 944 pieces and 336 days to go.

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