Big Numbers: Day 10

Man look... I think I kinda stressed myself out with all these numbers. It's only day 11 and I'm like....MUST...PAINT...MORE!!! I try to be very serious about promises I make to myself. Let's be honest, as long as I get my orders out on time, I don't have anybody to be accountable to, but me. So I put stuff out there so I'll have someone to "report" to. I told ya'll so I ya'll would EXPECT it and I knew I'd do it so ya'll wouldn't know I broke a promise to myself.  But OH....THE....PRESSSSSSUUUURE! I'll be fine. I'm still trying to find a groove. I actually WANT to paint, so there's a start. I know what works well, but I'm not sure I knew how much time I was really spending on these pieces. And how much time I wasn't spending painting. Part of this was for me to learn my habits though, and that's definitely happening. Project...in process of being a success. Here's what I did last night.

"Cherry Swirl" 10/365 and 22/1000
More cherry blossoms? Yes. May do more tonight. I promise, I still have no idea why this is the last piece I choose to do each day. We'll see what happens though. I have a lot to do. Day 10 is now behind me. Final count 1. 978 pieces and 355 days to go! EEK!

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