Halloween 2011: Whoa der...


Yep, they're STILL letting me paint people. This year I was bakk at the North Georgia Premium Outlets for their annual "Trick or Treat" event. I took the mommy with me this time. She didn't help...but she did shout instructions at me so she could pretend like she did.

I had LOTS of fun! There were a lot more kids this year than last year. I didn't take pictures of any of them...and mommy was too busy trying to get me to NOT paint her face, that she didn't do it either. However, her plan was ineffective. I don't have a bukket with a list on it, but I have been trying to get my mom to let me paint her face (whole head) for at least a year. I was like, "why not?" I figured...you have all this lovely bald chemo head, let me paint it. :o) She said no. Repeatedly. Until today!!! *booty pops* I have made it happen. She whined and yelled the whole time. She fussed. She screamed. She even left in the middle of my art. But I have made it happen. *bankhead bounce*

I feel so....accomplished. I had been trying hard. So hard.
And you BETTER NOT tell her I showed you!!!

That made my day! Last year, I went as a "Spring Fairy." I spent $5. Clikk the link to see the photos. I mentioned, in that post, that I had purchased the makings of a cowboy costume. What I meant was that I bought a cowboy hat from Dollar Tree for later use. I used it today. I spent no additional money. So, today's costume was $1...or FREE, depending on how you look at it. I'm not a fan of mommy's photography skills. I think it's usually because I have to talk her through the whole thing, but here I am:

Giddy up! 
My regular jeans. Mommy's work shirt. My nightly scarf. My $1 hat. Some very old boots. Oh and a belt that came with a skirt. It has a big bukkle that you can't see. Womp. Anywho, I'm way happier than I look. Promise. I had such a good time. Until next year...well, at least the costume part. I'd be happy to do this at a party. I did give someone my card today. :D


Big Numbers: Day 297 Ornaments AGAIN

Mommy was kinda jealous that I had found a project that she couldn't help with. The ribboned ornaments never agreed with her. She also asserted that she did not want to make another sequined ornament. I took her to the store to shop for a crafting kit. That alone was a big deal, because she hasn't been in a store in MONTHS! She said all the crafts looked like kiddie crafts and she wanted a "big girl" set. I laughed. So of course I had to find her something to do. Preparing myself for future motherhood...*sigh*

I remembered this blog post on bliss bloom {blog} that I really liked of a felted Christmas tree.


I was planning on doing it eventually, but I thought it would be a good project for mommy. It's easy and it takes a long time. :o) Of course, I had to test it out to make sure it was a suitable activity for the mommy. It went rather nicely. I showed her. She liked it, so it was a done deal. I began to get the pieces together so she could do them herself.

I couldn't find the cones, so I did it on a styrofoam ornament first. I didn't have felt on hand, so I used an old table cloth. It gave it an interesting texture. The edges are frayed. I thought that was cool. It also made for a very big mess. Oops. Anything for mommy though. It took FOREVER to cut out the circles. I did about 300. Hopefully that's enough for her to finish a pakk of ornaments. There are just five left.

Stakks on dekk.
(In other news...this reminds me how colorless my room is. Must. Paint.)
After I cut out AAAAAAAALLLL the circles, I added the ribbons to the top and went to give her a quikk tutorial. Now, I'm just waiting for her to do something. We'll see if/when that happens. Here's how mine turned out:

Not bad huh? 

I loved it because I didn't have to buy anything. I'm considering dying what's left of the table cloth so we can have a different color. I'm committed to using what we have as often as I can. That makes me earth conscious or something, right? Definitely cost conscious!  Once I'm done w/ my personal projects, I'm going to make my own. Maybe w/ the dyed leftovers. I want to make some garland too! We shall see.

P.S. I'm beginning to learn that round stuff is considerably harder than not round stuff...in EVERY medium. Wompers.


Big Numbers: Day 294 ORNAMENTS!!!

Well for the past 2 years, mommy and I have been making ornaments for our tree. We've made lots of ornaments, so this year we may not have to do so many. I've gotten a lot of compliments on how nice mine were, so I'm happy to be closing in on filling the entire tree. Now I'm finally going to have (a little) time to make ornaments for you guys! Woop!

I started early this year, so everybody can get some ornaments before Christmas actually gets here. Mommy has treatment weekly, and I usually run my errands during that time, because it's almost impossible to do any work. I don't have space. I hate lugging materials around and I only really have a couple of hours anyway. I decided that I could use this time to work on the ornaments. GENIUS! I set up in the food court at the mall and made something happen. It was fun. I wish I had thought of it sooner, I would have been done by now. Oh well. Here's what I did this week:

This is an example of one of the styles I will be doing. I have these on  my tree. It's a set of 12 ribbon wrapped ornaments. Half of them have "studs" the other have multi-colored beading. Each individual bulb is different. You can pikk the colors and such.  I'll be posting some other sets as well. I'll work on them next week at chemo. I thought this would be enough to get you started and get your juices flowing for the holidays. As always, I'd be happy to make you a set. Just say the word and we'll get it all ironed out. This particular set is available for purchase.

After: Touched by Art

Heeeey ya'll...

So, the event was on Wednesday. It was COLD! That was tragic. It was slated to be an indoor/outdoor rooftop event. I'm not sure if anyone actually made it outside. Me and Bf sneaked off in the middle to grab a bite to eat. *shhhh don't tell nobody* It was one of the prettiest events I've participated in. They were setting up when I arrived and they really spent time trying to make the area look it's best. Very pink. There was a really good turn out and I'm sure a lot of money was raised.

I did manage to get a picture of most of the artwork, but I missed the live painters. I was trying to wait til they actually got something on the canvas, but then I forgot. I know I had mentioned that I would be painting, but I tell no lies when I say the guys had Debo'd ALL the space. Not sure how that worked out, but I was a little disappointed. No biggie. Here are the pics...

Here's my "Vivica" w/ the swag bags below. 
 It was a silent auction, so I didn't get to see how much she went for. Wompers.

One of the pieces...made w/ puzzle pieces. Coolness. 

This piece was created by the host. She's a cancer survivor. 

Vendor's table. CUSTOM shoes!!! by Ms. MaryMac

The End


Big Numbers: Day 291

I'm keeping this one short. There's nothing to explain. I don't think.

Set of 5 onesies

262/1000 and 263/1000 
I painted these two to match the towels that I purchased for the candy jar. Gotta coordinate! The others are just prints from the pakk that I purchased. Lovely co-inky dink.

This is just 10 baby washcloths wrapped like hard candy in a candy jar. Cute, huh? I know.


Big Numbers: Day 285

Only 80 days left in the year....interesting. Needless to say, I won't be making it to 1,000. However, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I have a lot going on over here. I'm proud of what I was able to do. I am still hoping to get to 365 though. We'll see. The next few months are looking like they will be terribly busy. I'm grateful. The last few have been depressingly slow. Hoping to have all types of joy to report. Until then...just regular joy. :o) 

I finished this a couple days ago. I started it a couple weeks ago. I have no idea why I wanted to do a flamingo, but once I started, all I could think about was Miami. I don't miss Miami much, but I do miss the weather...and I miss the beaches. I'm sure part of that is my Piscean nature. I LOVE the beach. It is beautiful and peaceful and my most absolutest favoritest (yes, it's that serious) place to pray. They can keep the hurricanes and stuff. I'm doing fine without 'em. 

260/1000 "I'd rather be in Miami" 

There was a time in Miami when (damn near) EVERYbody had those pink plastic flamingos in their yards. They were so takky, but what can you expect when the people paint their houses purple and teal? LOL. I secretly love it, even while thinking it's takky. So, bakk to the point, the flamingo reminds me of home. The Florida lottery tikket in particular. BALLIN! I made the bakkground look like waves. I need some beach in my life. *sigh*


Big Numbers: Day 279 (for the love of boobs)

Every year, I'm with ya'll talking bout my boobs...and encouraging you to feel on yourself. I'm probably some type of closet freak. A very small closet. :o) Anywho, it's that time again...so grab a boob and get ready to see the piece I did for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

October 1st, marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm always participating in some type of event to help raise money. Last year, I did the the "All Pink Everything" fashion show. This year, I'm doing the "Touched by Art" fundraiser. My task was to create an art piece with a "pink" theme to be auctioned off during the event on Oct. 19th. Yes, I'm posting the flyer again:

I wasn't planning on showing you all what I had done until after the show, so I can tell you that my piece went for a gillion dollars, but I just couldn't help myself. Here she is:

260/1000 "Vivica" 
Oddly enough this didn't give me a hard time at all. Well, except for the ribbon. I painted it 4 times. Ended up choosing the simplest one. Go figure. For some reason or another I decided to do a red and pink color scheme. I kinda hate this color combo. I do. For no good reason. So, I did it as a challenge to myself. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I did it in the same style as some of my other pieces, but did the pink nipples for the occasion. That's a big move. I'm scared of pink nipples (and pink penis). Topped it off with the matching pink fro...and we're in business.

I named her "Vivica." Vivir means to live in Spanish. Vivi is also at the center of the word "survive" in a few other languages. So, I called her Vivica, which has it's origins in German. It means...alive and war fortress. That's strong, right? If I could have planned it before I pikked a name, I would have done the bakkground in BRIKKS! *screams and throws grenade* CANCER CAN'T HAVE ME....OR MY BOOBS!!!! *ok, bakk to serious voice* Everyone doesn't survive their battle with cancer. Everyone does not choose to fight. But no matter what the choice, once you know...every decision, be it to fight or to live the best of what's left,  requires strength. That's what I wanted to show. I hope I captured that...(and the beauty of the bosom)...with this piece. Let's see how she does at auction.

What do ya'll think? How do you feel about the pink nipples? Let SYM know.


Big Numbers: Day 278

I hang out with really great people. They are also great at what they do. All of us. But we're so damn unsure sometimes. It's strange. I'm glad we have each other to tell each other that we're great...and that what we do is good. That our work matters. That our dreams are important. That we can. We're so hard on ourselves sometimes. For no good reason.

I made this for my friend. She has an office. With windows. How fancy is that? She's probably one of the shiniest people I know. I read her resume once. That shit glows in the dark! For real. She forgets sometimes. So, I made her this. Just in case I'm not online to say so. I (heart) her.

259/1000 "For Tine" 


Art Adventures: Flux 2011

Friday night, me and the bf made our way to Flux 2011. I had never heard of it before. I just happened to stumble across the info while looking for something else. It looked interesting. I decided to go.

"Flux is the annual one-night public art event presented by Flux Projects in the streets and empty spaces of the Castleberry Hill Arts District. The evening features projections, dance, theater, music, multimedia, sound and light installations, parades, puppetry, and iron pours. Starting at 8pm with a lantern parade, the projects continue until the evening ends with iron fireworks at midnight." 

It was really cool. There was something to look at everywhere. All the galleries were filled. There were pieces in crevices between buildings....and on the sidewalks...and on the people. Some of the artists used projections on abandoned buildings...on store front windows...on light poles...and fences. There was just stuff EVERYwhere. It was also cold. We missed the fireworks. Kinda disappointed about that. Fireworks are good for dates. I'm not even sure what an iron firework is. Maybe I can google. Seemed interesting.

I didn't take my regular camera...wompers...but here are a few of the pieces I liked and managed to capture with my cellphone.

There were two of these. The other was HUGE. It was of Uncle Sam. I'm not sure why the artist chose leaves, but I thought it was pretty cool. Almost like a topiary, but not. :o)

Bf said this one should be called, "Kiss My Ass."
There was lots of furniture. Some was nontraditional shapes, but with traditional materials. Some was the exact opposite. We tried some and just admired others. I liked this one because it reminded me of my Twitter avi. :o) @SYM1DidIt

Super people...

entirely of paint samples. COOOOOL. 

I really liked this one. Ya'll know I love a loooong nekk. 

THIS was my favorite!! By far. I want one.

This was under a bridge. It reminded me of the jellyfish scene in Finding Nemo. They were soooo cute! I do want one. Wouldn't a mini version be cool in an aquatic themed nursery? A snazzy night-light? Of course it would! 
This is me in front of something large and shiny. 

 I had lots of fun (the peaceful kind) and it was FREE!!! Can't beat that with a stikk.