Big Numbers: Day 26

Hahaha at the title. I suppose this day did not prove to be as auspicious for me as it was for those guys, but then again, I did have a pretty good day. Let's discuss.

I worked on two paintings today. Although I had hoped to finish one, I didn't finish either of them. They are both coming along nicely though. I'm happy. I should finish at least one of them tomorrow, but probably both. I don't have anything on the books. I see great things on the horizon. Yay! Happy day ahead.

Today, I did some splatter paint looking type thing. It was SO pretty with nothing on it. I really didn't want to risk covering up the design by adding anything to it, but it felt undone. I whipped out my trusty Sharpie super thin pen and made this happen. No splatter was harmed in the creation of this piece! *let's all cheer*

"Drip My Hair" 26/365 and 51/1000

Final count for the day 1. 51 down, 949 pieces and 339 days to go.


Terrell said...

This scared me for some reason... But I guess that means it's working. Keep it up Sym!

SYM1 said...

Scared you? How is that?

ARTina said...

I like the lightness of it...very nice!