Big Numbers: Day 17

Ok, this one is going to be quikk. I don't think I had any epiphanies today. Well, I did, but I'm going to write about them now and save them for some future Two Post Tuesdays.

I asked the facebookers what I should paint today. I didn't mean it. Just typing out loud I guess. I try to feel.......moved towards an idea as opposed to just pikking one. So dropping random words doesn't really help much. Then my frat Nas hits me up in the facebook IM and DEMANDS that I hug him. "Hug Me!" And THAT is what I needed to hear. It triggered a memory. I had a friend in college, named Cherrie, and we frequently made such demands to one another. So, I decided to work with it.

17/365 and 35/1000 "HUG ME"

Now I've done the cherries. I think I need to do some fruit in a bowl....go ahead and make it official. Today's count 1. 965 pieces and 348 days to go.

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CheWithBlingOn said...

Oh snap, I was your muse!! I feel special!