Big Numbers: Day 11 and 12

Heeeeey! Did anyone miss me? I skipped yesterday. I did paint a little, but I didn't finish anything. Tragedy. Today made up for it all. I learned that maybe I shouldn't blame my troubles on the TV, it's been on all day. I also took maybe 3 naps. I woke up. Painted. Went to sleep. Painted. Went bakk to sleep. That's not a normal habit, but it worked wonders today. I'm pleased with my progress. I didn't do anything epic, but I did everything I wanted to do. I feel good.

Here's number 11, which I did today...because I rebel against myself. I didn't know what to do. I was going to do more cherry blossoms, but I didn't feel like it. I looked across my room and saw a card with a big sunflower on it, so that's what I did. I think that card is from Ashley. I never pikked it up. I painted from a distance. Ashley likes ladybugs too. So I guess this one is for her. lol.

11/365 and 23/1000 "Sunshine and Watermelon"
Then, I was watching Color Splash with David Bromstad on HGTV yesterday. He was making over a nursery that would also be used as a guest room. He chose a gender neutral palette of blues, greens, and yellows. It was an adorable room and he used these cute owl lamps and spray painted them gold for accent pieces. I liked them so much, I decided I wanted to paint them too. I couldn't find a picture or the episode for that matter. I just worked off the memory. (I'm trying to develop a new habit. See something...remember it...paint what you think it looks like. Sometimes fun. It definitely makes for interesting outcomes.) The inspiration for this piece was the gold owl lamps. I was going to call this "who dat?" but decided against it. He reminds me of the tootsie roll pop owl.

24/1000 "lOOk, Over There!"
I got the inspiration for today's 36$5 piece from another design show. It was a design of a poodle face on a throw pillow. I don't remember the colors. After thinking about it, I really don't remember much about the pillow. I remember not being able to tell what it was the first time I saw it, then having the aha! moment. So, again, I'm painting from memory. It's actually more like painting from a feeling about something that I saw, than an actually memory, because clearly I don't have much of a mental image to work with. Here she is...

12/365 and 25/1000 "Prissy"

I decided to get some small pieces out of the way and finish up some things I had been working on, because I have some larger pieces I'd like to do. I know I can't finish a few of these a day, so I'm just preparing myself for what these smaller numbers will look like. Also, since I'm refusing to buy paint and stuff to paint on, I have to work with what I have. Only 6 canvases left (to sell). *panic* I have 10 for me. :D So I'm going to try to space them out and think long and hard of what I want on them before I start to paint. I suppose today was to prepare myself for the next few days.

Final count for the day 7. YAY! So.......that makes it.....972 pieces and 353 days left.

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Ashley said...

LOVE it!! and I LOVE how ANYthing inspires you. I might need to try that concept for my writing to get myself off of ONLY writing on personal experiences. THANK YOU!!!