POP Champagne: Secret Service

So, do you remember my spontaneously exploding champagne bottle? Well, we finally called the company to file our complaint. The have an entire customer service department and I'm honestly wondering WHAT, other than spontaneously exploding bottles, could people possibly be complaining about. The lady was nice. She took our information, apologized...then, do you know what she said? "We'll be sending someone out to collect the bottle. We'll do a thorough investigation and contact you once it's complete. Someone will call to arrange an appropriate time for pikk up."

SERIOUSLY?! Somebody FROM THEIR COMPANY (not UPS or FedEx) is going to come over and GET this BROKEN bottle from my house, then they are going to INVESTIGATE it?! GET......OUT! I don't even need to pakk it up!? My TV broke last month. Nobody came to pikk it up. Nobody cared to investigate what had happened, even though it's less than 1 year old. Matter of fact, (as of right now) I won't be getting compensated for their faulty product (it's a Sylvania, btw), I have to PAY to get it fixed, but someone is coming to PIKK UP this champagne bottle that probably cost a 10th, if not less, of this darned TV. SNAZZY! Darn Italians. lol.

Sure enough, yesterday afternoon, we received a call saying that they would come by to pikk up the broken bottle this morning. I wish I wasn't asleep, so I could tell you how they came in some super snazzy blacked out vehicle, or if the woman was in a suit, or if she came with one of those hard body briefcases to deposit the remains of the bottle. I'm certainly not asking mommy, because it may ruin the fantasy for me. Just know that she came, took our bottle, and left us with this:

This looked much more clear...my bad.
This is beyond cool to me. I felt like they really cared about what happened to us, and want to investigate, so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Exploding champagne bottles are dangerous! I may be wrong though. Maybe they just want to make sure we're not trying to get free champagne (which is EXACTLY what will happen). Although I doubt the latter is true, please support me in my optimisim! This is NIIICE! I'm glad it popped. I've never seen/experienced anything like this before. I'll keep you guys posted on the pending investigation.


Ashley said...

yeah, that's unheard of, esp. a champagne bottle. Good customer service, other companies could learn a thing or two (or three or four) from them.

I wish you'd had been awake too. I would've wanted to see a pic of the process of picking up the bottle b/c I really thought that you'd swept up the bottle pieces and threw them away.

Tajae said...

I wish you would have been awake too. Pictures of them would have been great. Who would have know that there are compaines out there they really do care for their customers.

Now that TV on the other hand is a different story!

SYM1 I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!!

SYM1 said...

@Ashley I think my imagination provides a much better story...at least I can pretend it does. :o)

@Tajae The tv company will be receiving a nice or not so nice letter from me in the near future. I'm going to pikk it up on Monday. I'm glad it could at least be fixed.
Thanks for the compliments!

Sankofa said...

wow! that's IS cool! go Barcardi for being super pros!

Robert said...

some people take champagne seriously.

Robert said...

why were the bottle pieces still in your house and not cleaned up?

SYM1 said...

@Robert...Lol. We DID clean it up. Then we put it in a box. Mommy was going to take it bakk to the store, but they said we had to call the company. So, we did. And when we called, they said keep the bottle, they were coming to get it. :P