Big Numbers: Day 19


I had FUN today. I WANTED to paint, so I did. Started a few things. Tried something new. Nothing spectacular though. I finished my 36$5 piece before 2am. It's been a good day.

Here she is...live from my blog...

"RAGE: A Diva w/ No Mic" 19/365 and 37/1000

I love her. She was a pleasure to paint AND I finished early. All wins. Now...somebody buy this because she can't stay here. Maybe you should take some of her friends with you. Just a thought. Final count for the day...2. 963 pieces and 346 days to go. I think my math was wrong yesterday. Might be wrong today. Oh well...the count is right. lol.

P.S. Welcome new followers. It's a pleasure to see you.