Big Numbers: Day 7

Guess what? I had a semi-bad day. I was defeated by an emotional outburst. I cursed. A lot. I feel better.

It didn't completely hinder my process though. I was able to complete 2 pieces today. Let's talk about them.

"PAISLEY: YAAAAY!!!" 17/1000

I like paisley. I think it's fun and beautiful and HARD to paint. I love details, but I guess I like the little ones that make a LOT of impact. This is only an 8x8 and I couldn't wait to bed done! I might have a mild patience problem. I may or may not be working on it. 

"Don't Waste Paint: ONE" 7/365 and 18/1000
This is number 7 of the 36$5 Project. I painted a little every day this week using the colors from the bakkgrounds of the other 6 paintings. Basically, didn't want to wash paint down the drain. I am SERIOUS about saving paint. SERIOUS. So, this happened. I was going to paint a hand over it, but I liked it the way it was. So, this is how we ended week 1.

I didn't quite get to 20. I was just 2 shy. But 18 in one week is GOOD and I'm going to try to get ahead for next week. Final count for the day, 2. For the week: 18. 1.8% of my goal complete. 982 pieces and 358 days to go!

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The Media Elitist said...

The paisley is really pretty!

I've been lurking but had to comment and say that I admire this challenge you've set for yourself. Takes discipline but the reward has got to be amazing. Go SYM1!!!