Big Numbers: Day 2

I think that will be the title of these posts. I have two concurrent "challenges" with two different numbers...that are big. See, I'm even wildly creative even when it comes to titles for blog posts. *rolls eyes at self*

I was going to continue painting through the night, but I decided to post the blog first because it will put me on trakk as far as posting ON the day the item was completed. Plus, I'll be spending a lot of time outside the house tomorrow. Trying to decide what I'll be doing to make that time productive. I'll consider it from bed. Let's see what I managed to do today.

4/1000 2/365 "One: Another"
Guess what? This is more like what was in my head. Colors aren't the same, but I like it. I'm going to do another one tomorrow. All week. I'll probably do a few themes over the course of the entire process. We'll see. I can't keep up with all my ideas. It's so BUSY in my head.

My challenges today were the TV (again) and facebook. I can live for hours without facebook...I just didn't prepare for that today. It's the TV during prime time that's going to be a problem...then Oprah just slipped an entire new network worth of TV in. It's an EVIL test, although I will say I didn't watch anything trashy or brain killing today. Just need some will power.I got this!

Oh, and THIS is why I don't need to buy any paint! If you've asked me what kind of paint I use...here it is!

I had the good sense to take this pic BEFORE I started painting.

4 of these are filled with paint. Different kinds.

More Paint. Joy in a bottle.
I ruined all this today. Oh well. It was bound to happen. Simply putting stuff away as I went along was slowing me down. I'll clean it up....when I take a break or something.

Final count for today: THREE. 994 pieces...363 days to go!

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