I cannot tell a lie. Well, I can, but I won't. I do enjoying tooting my own horn, but I like it better when someone else does it for me. Then I can do more important being awesome, instead of just talking about being awesome! :o) So, peep my co-signers. 

Color. Order in the scribble. The surprise of the actual product. The wonder when the package comes in the mail. The one of a kind creation with that special SYM1 Stamp. It's like having a star placed in your hand soon as you get your piece. I love having a special head turner that no one else can have. That is the Magic of SYM1 to me. --Tanaya (Detroit, MI)

I would say that my black baby doll tee was the absolute best. I love that you take the concepts that are in my head and turn them into ART. -- Tanisha (Fayetteville, NC)

The shirt you made for me had one big rose (for me) and three carnations (for my LB's). I love them sooooo much and that shirt means the world to me. What I loved is that you went beyond my simple description and created something AMAZING! --Shauntell (Petersburg,VA)

I honestly cannot pick one specific thing that I've bought that I liked better than the rest. EVERYTHING you have done I have not only loved but been impressed by. I am impressed that you took a God given talent & used it to make the world happier. You could have just stuck to making things for yourself. I am impressed b/c regardless of your organization you made things FLYY for others b/c I assume you know how much we love our Sorority b/c you love your Sorority too. I am impressed that every year, even though its tedious and the numbers decrease, you support the March of Dimes and try to lend to others so they have a fighting chance at doing what they love as well. Although I cant always support you financially I pray that your life has nothing but love and success. I LOVE when we use our talents, and I mean REALLY use them. Keep up the great work Paint Guru! ;-) --Leslie (Columbia, SC)

I've ordered pieces from you on several occasions always just throwing words out of things I like/want incorporated into it and you have NEVER failed to astound me! I will continue to patronize you (once my bank account allows) °c of your talent, dedication, annnnd creativity! --Sharon (Baton Rouge, LA)

When I think of your artwork, and the things I've purchased from you, I think about you. You are your artwork! You are the definition of "going the extra mile". Ordering from you was easy, pleasant, and if I had the money, I probably would buy most of what you sold. --Terrell (Aliquippa, PA)

I have ordered several items from SYM1 and even won stuff from her. She goes out of her way to make her customers happy and her artwork definitely is a one of a kind and one of the best out in the field. Platinum plus work! --Kiet (AR, by way of MS)

I love how you are so freaking creative! You make me hot! when I ROKK my gear I feel like no one can tell me NOTHING! SYM, you are one dedicated woman. Keep up the good work! :) --Tajae (Dallas, TX)

You're just awesome. You're so creative yet humble, determined yet goofy, pretty but down-to-earth. I've never met you, but your art and your posts say so much about you. You put yourself into everything you make. It's all a reflection of the passion and talent you have within. Most importantly, you're as honest and transparent as they come. You always give us the real you...and I bet everyone who loves you appreciates that. --Anthony (Atlanta, GA)

I love art. All art. I can find something beautiful in every piece. But when it to the art for my apartment, 90% are SYM1 paintings. If I had to describe the pieces I buy I'd say they're urban whimsical diva pieces: a lil color, a lil fantasy, and a whole lotta attitude! --Pam (Washington, DC)

I love everything that I've ordered from you. Each piece was put together thoughtfully. You've been able to take my ideas and make them your own, yet still what I want. --Louis (Baltimore, MD)

I made a call, SYM answered. It was the official debut of HIGH On Love & Addiction and though we've never met in person and she wasn't there in person, I'm so glad SYM was there with me to celebrate. Fun and flirty. creative and original. One size does not fit all, but all can certainly find something to fit his/her style. --April (Greensboro, NC)

I'm somthing like a Sym1 Groupie!! I've bought shirts and purses. Having a fave is too hard to decide, but all items purchased have been posted on FB! You are the best because your creations are out the box and truly one of a kind!! --Taccarra (Gaithersburg, MD)

I only really like you, because you made me famous in your blogs. Oh. And because your paintings are dope. And because you have squiggledrips on your work exactly where I think they should be. And because you paint naked women like food. And because... well... Dammit. I just like you and your work and I don't have to justify that. Dammit. --Moon (BROOKLYN, NY)