Big Numbers: Day 22

Heeeey! I didn't really paint a lot today. I was trying to take care of some other stuff. I got a really good response for "Fluff and Soul." Yesterday's post was also the most visited one ever. Tied with the A+S+L post. It's going to pass it though. Well maybe not since I posted that link up. OH NO! People are saying  "Fluff and Soul" is my best piece ever. I don't know if I agree....or disagree, but I'm sure I can do better. Are you ready? She won't be here with me much longer. Pretty excited actually. Storage space is limited, so it's a celebration when something/someone has a forever home to go to.

Speaking of things moving along, guess who's been throwing away paint bottles?!!??! ME!! *throws confetti* They weren't new bottles that I used up. Just half used or mostly used bottles that refused to leave. I threw away three today. More before that. YAY! I haven't bought any. I am, however avoiding the craft store. Just in case.

Things I learned (not necessarily) today. Always do what you've been doing if it's been working because "people" like to make you not do what works for you so it works for them and then you'll be mad. I paint without orders so I can paint MY vision not my version of someone else's. I'm going to need "people" not to ask me to adjust my vision so they like it more. How about you just place an order and get what you like. Finally, paint the sides the first time. Makes life easier. That's all.

Here's the 5x7 of the day!

"Cool 1" 22/365 and 44/1000

It's uninvolved. In my head, I'm going somewhere with this. Maybe you'll be able to figure it out soon. Not sure how long it's going to take me to get to the point. I'm feeling it now, but one day I might wake up and want to do penguin feet, then spend the next month trying to get bakk on trakk. I'm giving myself the freedom to wander.

Final count for the day, 3. 954 pieces and 343 days to go. I'm 4.6% done with my goal.

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