Big Numbers: Day 5 and 6

Blogger was in labor or on life support last night. Not sure which, but it was having no parts in me posting a blog for you. You know what though? I'm ok with that. lol. Day 5 and 6 actually go nice together. How cool is that? Didn't plan it at all. I'm just mildly amazing. Ok, let me stop lying, I'm 3 degrees beyond amazing when left to my own devices.

Yesterday, I only completed ONE piece. Not how I planned, but it is what it is. The piece I ended up with was...rushed. I felt it was TOO simple. TOO obvious. In the message. In the delivery. The whole thing. Then I thought, but this is EXACTLY the way it is sometimes. So, it's all good and all bad at the same time. It's PERFECT! Ha! See, GENIUS! I do this.

"Nuff Said" (my mommy does this!)

Then to make it even better, I followed it up with this handy dandy super obvious piece for Number 6. Now they are like a 2 piece set. By mistake. I suppose I've been feeling VERY red these past 24 hrs. Oh well.

"POOF: Be Gone!" (for nostalgia's sake)

Total completed today is 6. That means I only need to do 4 tomorrow to reach my weekly quota. I already started 2....so I'm IN there. I told ya'll...I got this!

No real challenges these last two days. I don't think. OH! There is one thing. Why am I always doing the ONE piece I promised to do last? Then at the end of the night I'm scrambling to get it done. Probably because I'm crazy. I'll take it. I'm having fun though. Seeing how my ideas transfer from my head to my hands. Or how it never really makes it out; once I start painting, the direction sometimes changes. We'll see how I'm feeling next week.

984 pieces and 359 days to go. I think that's right. LOL. It looks good though.

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