Today in SYM artistry: BLUE nipples. Apparently that's the color of the week thanks to baby Jayonce. Not to mention the Sigma and Zeta Founders' Days. Woop. Maybe I'll end up doing an entire color assortment.

This is one of the other pieces that I started last year that I'm just getting to finish. Just like the other, finishing now was so much more simple than when I originally began working on it.

312/1000 "CURVEsive"

I teamed up with my fb friend, A. Lewis,  for the text. I showed him a picture...asked him to write a little something and this is what he came:

‎"It's like her body is written in cursive, her elegant curvation cursing at me in the language of love, talking dirty with each sultry move. Lust is a list of simple commands, designed by the mind to meet physio-emotional demands, and it's as if her body is transcribing my desire, swirling letters in the burning fire that is my passion. The symmetry of her breasts are like rhymes; there is irony between the width of her waist and size of her behind. Her skin glows with the bristling shine of an anticipatory nervous system, a breathtaking metaphor to behold--she is poetry in motion, a silent commotion heard only by the eyes. As with all prose, she is a matter of complex simplicity; simply wanting to pleased, but wanting it done in the ways that her body suggests implicitly...so as I admire the penmanship of her sexuality, all the details of her body, I listen and read intently. Her literature tempts me..."

How cool is that? I added those same words to the bakkground beside this deliciously curvy, fluffy haired, feminine being. To the left in a larger text, I added the word "temptation." I like the contrast between the thin text on the left and the heavier one on the right and the way the words form around the curves of her body. It complements the actual text. And I really like the monochromatic color scheme. Effortlessly sexy. I'm sure she's on her way to bed after a late night shower.

This piece just makes me feel good. I'm happy to have her here with me, but she's up in the store and ready for purchase.

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