TPT: Why I Charge More for Blakk

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time working on two blakk hoodies. I felt like it was taking FOREVER and it probably was. Everybody that I know that does shirts is dealing with the same issue. We've discussed it before. What can we do/use to make painting on blakk apparel easier/faster? NOTHING! Well, metallic paint works wonders, but if you want to have a really good coverage, you have to paint it twice. You may have to do it three times depending on the color. My patience...it wears....thin. SAVE ME!

I wish I would have taken a true "before" picture after only one coat of paint, but here, I've already done a second coat of the red, gold and white. Now look at those colors in comparison to the silver bakkground color. It's much more vivid and smooth. In order to create an attractive product, I have to do some extra work. Here's what it looks like with two coats of paint. 

You know what? This is a crappy photo! You know what else? I'm not getting up to take another one until I'm finished with the whole thing. Anyway, you can still tell the difference between the single and double coats of paint. I'm not done with this particular piece yet, or the other one I started, but this is what I was doing all day. It takes forever. Then you have to wait for it to dry in between coats. If this was done on white, I would have been done with them both. So, that's why I charge more for a blakk item than a white one. And honestly, after yesterday, I don't think it's enough more and I plan on correcting that. Blakk items cost more than white ones. I use more paint and spend more time working on them than white. Oh the travesty.


Ashley said...

if it means anything to you, I appreciate the time and effort you put into my black pieces.

ARTina said...

I know you probably have gobs of white paint to get rid of first, but Neopaque paints by Jacquard are formulated to provide really good coverage on dark surfaces. You'll still have to charge more to make up for the difference in the cost of these paints, but it is REALLY good stuff. And it should shave some time off. They dry decently quick also.

SYM1 said...

@Ashley, you're welcome.

@Artina, I have some jacquard paints. They make GREAT paint, but it's uber expensive. I've never tried the Neopaque though, they don't sell it in the store, but I know where I can get some. I'll try it (because you said so)...as soon as I start buying paint again. :D Mission...stop spending money! lol.

ARTina said...

I need to get on that mission myself...but I LOVE buying supplies though. I have already earmarked a portion of my "grad school guap" to get myself a nice set of Jacquard paints and Procion dyes...I'm hype just thinking about it, lol.

SYM1 said...

You be careful with that. lol.