Tine sent me this a couple of days ago:

I love coloring books. And when I color, I do color in the lines. I don't feel like this is an insult to my artistry. However, when I paint, it's a completely different story. I always laugh because the lines are the very last things I do. Instead of me trying to respect the lines and their boundaries, the lines respect my awesome and go where I tell 'em. :o) #BOSS


Big Numbers: Day 240 Part I

I told ya'll I would get my days in order. I may be slow, but I am not a liar.

So, I'm coming to find that I'm really enjoying painting with my own ideas from my own imagination. The more I take the time to do that, the more I realize how much more fulfilling it is. (For those that know how I operate...that's a warning.) I feel.......peaceful. I'm generally more happy with the outcome too. I have more time than normal. I'm gonna try to stay on it.

This painting was inspired by a photo of a bakk tattoo I really liked. I was actually going to paint the photo. changed my mind. Decided to do my own thing. I liked this much better. I didn't do a photo between every step, because I forgot. *shrugs* I was foooocused!

And here's the completed product:

239/1000 "Leilani"

Closer. ;o) 

Stikking with a common SYM1 theme, I experimented with different finishes. Her body and the flowers were glossy and the rest was a matte finish. But I didn't like it. It didn't make much of an impact, so I ended up just covering the whole thing. Now she's glistening. It's niiiiice! Peep my WOOD GRAIN. Very SYM-ish. I actually decided to do that based on another painting that I did that I have yet to post. I'll get it up later this week. I love the final product. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now, who gon buy it?

Big Numbers: Day 240 Part II

Ya'll know SYM loooooves the peacokks. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I finally put one on canvas. I'm so excited to show ya'll. I want to do another, but not yet. I've got a flamingo on my mind. It must happen.

So, I did this one completely from my imagination again. I did a somewhat realistic face with exaggerated eyes (SYM-ish), but for the bakkground, I was actually inspired by prints on African fabrics. I've been looking at them regularly, thanks to my friend Google. I love prints, but more than that I love bright colors. Although this isn't directly based on something I saw, the idea was inspired by those fabrics. I didn't do the step by step thing...because, just like the last time I forgot. But I do have a few photos from the up until stage. 

I know I could have rotated these...

But...isn't this more interesting? No? Ok, I'll consider it for next time. 

I'm getting excited at this point. It's really coming together! 
Here's the finished product. 

238/1000 "Pride"
12x24 inches of AWESOME!!!! 

Him so cute, right? 

Love it! I want to keep it, but I think I love it so much it MUST go away. Who wants to validate my excitement? Show me how great it is and make it yours. Pleeeeeasssseeee!!!

**And yes, I did post Part II first, because I'm making a change to part one. Of course, I could have switched them, but for what? Now I'm interesting. Yay me! 


Big Numbers: Something Different

So, SYM1 who's afraid of (wild) snakes really thinks they are beautiful. I am particularly fond of albino pythons. I LOVE the colors. I googled. Apparently there are bunches of different kinds of albino pythons. Who knew? Not me. I also learned that there are grey-ish ones called lavender albinos. CUTE! Wanna see?

Ain't "he" pretty?!?!?!
They actually have some more that really LOOK lavender. I think that's so cool.
This was my inspiration. Love the "cross" on it's head.
In the beginning...

Then after that. 

I almost forgot to take the picture, but I caught myself in time. Yay me! 

Still not done. Too much red. 
*sigh* Not yet...
236/1000 "Slither" 
I want to paint another one of these. The yellow and cream one. Pretty! Whatcha think?

Big Numbers: Another Flower

Ok. So here's another flower. I think I'm done with these for a minute. I got bored while painting the pink one.

In the beginning...

And then after the beginning...

Another angle. 99% done. 

235/1000 "It's a Daisy!"

Not an orange sunflower. They don't even make those.

Big Numbers: "From the Bakk"

I'm not sure what song it is, but I'm definitely singing R. Kelly "hit it hard from the bakk" every time I mention this title. I thought that would be pertinent information that would make reading this post more fun. Now, ya'll know whenever I attempt to do any step by step paintings, I often forget to actually take pics between each step. I made an attempt this time. Here we go:

This is upside down. My bad. 

Clearly I can't decide which way I intend for this to be displayed. 

237/1000 "From the Bakk" 

Who cares what day it is? Not me. Two more paintings coming up. I was going to put the all together...but too many pictures.


Big Numbers: For Trice

My friend Trice sent me money for her birfdae. Said..."make me something." I said fine. And I thought long and hard about it too. I really did. She wanted something small and she really liked the flowers that I had done before. I'm thinking. Well, I'll just paint her some flowers. And I did. I painted flowers. BUT, I also know that Trice LOVES unicorns. So, I painted that too. Just to see how it would turn out. And then I'd have choices.

I posted the flowers that I did in this post and this post, but I have since sold them both. It worked out so well, I suppose the unicorn was MEANT for her. Here's the finished product:

This is 94% done.
Please notice the scar beneath the eye...he ain't nothin to play with!

Or so I thought. I was all excited. Mommy says, "well...what is it?" I'm crushed. Then she says....."oooooh. I see. You need to fix it." I'm like..."what you MEAN I need to fix it? Is he not awesome?" SMH. It was a tragedy. However, I think I knew she was right. I mean, he was awesome, but he had the potential to be epic. Who am I to take that away from him? After I got over my fear of messing up something that was already great, I went bakk to work. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you...

"S.D.M. Gechuwon"

SDM is for Strong, Dark and MAGIC! And...screw all the fantasy writers that say unicorns have to be white. FIGHT THE POWER, Gechuwon! 

Trice says: Symone, I literally gasped and teared up. I adore this BLAKK UNICORN!!! It's happy in the form of a liquid to an opaque solid film....AND THERE'S GLITTER! You are my gifted friend. 

Needless to say, I think she likes it. YAY! I still don't know what day it is...or what number I'm on. Today it doesn't matter. I'm...living! 


Big Numbers: Just look...

Ok. I still don't know what day it is. I'm going to chekk one day. I actually kind of enjoy this not knowing. I mean, I knoooow I'm behind, but I'm just not sure how much unless I chekk. So, I'm going to delay that for..........indefinitely. :o)

Yesterday started off in an unhappy place, but last night was the BUSINESS! I finished 3 paintings and a bag. And I like them all. I rokk. Here's the stuff I can show:

I know I showed these already...whatever. I made another one.
Feel your boobies ladies (and gentlemen)! 

"Blowin Smoke Too"
You may recognize this. I've done it before in red. Now, it's orange. It's also sold, but I can make more. 

229,230,231/1000 and 100,101,102/365
"Blow: Like the Wind"
3 5x7 Panels
I know I said I wasn't doing these anymore, but I had agreed to do these last year for my soror Artina as a part of an art trade. Well, we're just getting around to said trade and she didn't change her mind about which shirts she wanted. *sad face* Being all true to my word and such, I did as was promised. It wasn't too painful. I hadn't done anything greek in a few months. So it hardly bothered me. Still not doing anymore. I did a painting for her as well. The one that was giving me all those problems? Yep...mmmhm. Artina's fault. Well, I'm done now and as soon as I find a box for it, I'll send all these things to her and show you guys the painting once she's seen it. YAY!!!

214 and 213/1000
Anybody else want to trade a lil something for a lil something else? I'm down. Other than that, this post is done. Happy Thursday everybody! *cabbage patch*


Big numbers: Still don't know which day it is

I bet by now you can see how irrelevant the day has become. Still counting my work though. Let's see. The painting from the previous post? Yeah I started over. It was going really well for a couple of hours. I'm almost done and think...nope, it's not right. I was ready to start over...AGAIN. However, as I typed that, I had an idea. This also means that I'll have to finish the darned thing to know if it works. THAT is annoying. But it must be. I will try it.

I've finished a couple pieces over the last few days. One of which I can't show you yet, but here are the ones I can show you. Chekk this out...

For my friend DC. 222/1000

For me, unless someone can convince me through finance that I don't deserve it.
223/1000 "BLOW" 16x20

224,225,226/1000 and...some other numbers of 365. lol.
I think the color is a little more muted here than it is in person.
 "Floral en Neutral"

"Floral en Neutral" 97,98,99/365
I don't think I showed ya'll this, but I think I did a good job, so I wanted to share. I made this for my mentee for her birthday...then I wanted one. In different colors though. It may or may not happen. Ya'll know me.

207/1000 (front)

207/1000 (bakk)

Ok. That's all I have for today. I may be able to post new stuff tomorrow. Gotta finish something first. We shall see!


Still learning...

Yeah, I still don't know what day it is...but I do know which number I am on. I do know what's in the works. I have made a discovery in regard to my artwork. No matter how slow this project is going, I'm still managing to learn so many good lessons.

I trashed my first canvas the other day. I painted it. Hated it. Almost cried. I had some people tell me how cute it was...and that just caused an added conflict. I started to feel unsure. I was upset. When I'm done with a painting, I like to sit it over in the corner, side by side, with my other paintings to see if it looks like us. Are we family? When I look at each piece individually, I want to see a little of me. And when I look at them together, I want to see a little of each one in the other. That just was NOT happening in this case. It looked like I had done it, but it didn't look like me. An impostor. I was frustrated. I painted the entire thing white...and then took a nap. I feel so much better about it, but now I have to start over. WOMP and WOMP.

Someone asked me (something like) how do I know when it's right. I say...you feeeeel it. I swear these paintings talk to me. They say..."SYM, I don't WANT to be blue." And "SYM, I'm not done yet." And "SYM, that feels good." And when I'm done I want them to say... "SYM, I'm PERFECT!!! I love you! You are awesome!!!" I let them tell me how they should be or how they want to be. And that last one was saying loud and clear in her Maury voice "SYM, I know we look a lil bit alike, but you are NOT my mother." *shokked face...ran off the stage crying* Gotta learn to trust my gut. In life and art. Gotta learn not to fear the "beginagain." It's working though. I wrestled it for a little while, but eventually I let out the proverbial "fukk it," covered it and got on with my day. No need to wrestle with she who did not want to be.

On to the next one.