Big Numbers: Day 15 and 16

You know what? This is harder than I thought. Old habits/behavior is a mess to get over. However, this is also more fun than I would have thought. Maybe one day I'll try to describe how it feels to be able to paint what EYE want for no other reason than the fact that EYE wanted to. JOY!

It's been a terribly eventful and completely uneventful weekend. I haven't posted, but I did paint. The first piece I did is called "PUFF." It was inspired by this AKA I met on BlakkGreekYard.com. It's long gone now, but I thought about her on Day 14. Her line name is "Pink Fury" (if my memory is correct) and when she told me I laughed. I said it sounded like a cotton candy tornado. I started calling her Puff! So, I decided to paint the pink tornado for her. I'd even consider tagging her on FB, if I can find her. Goodness she used to change her name a lot!

"PUFF" 15/365 and 33/1000

This next one was inspired by all the IMing and text messaging I did today. Smileys are my friends. I just didn't want to do a (not so) big yellow circle. I decided to rokk with the teddy bear (that looks like a monkey) and the winking smiley expression from Blakkberry, since that's what I'm using now. I even managed to use the color themes from my phone...by mistake. I might be impressionable.

"Feeling flirty...maybe" 16/365 and 34/1000

So, that's as far as I got. 967 pieces and 349 days to go. *bites nails*


Sankofa said...

This is so exciting... lol at pink fury... puff lol funny story... don't bite nails... I Know you will do it! SYM1,000!

SYM1 said...

Girl, SYM does not bite her nails. I was thinking of what a Yahoo smiley would do. lol. SYM1,000!

Elle said...

This is Pink Fury and I LOVE it! HAHA I definately am a cotton candy tornado.