Big Numbers: Day 4...not so big numbers

Happy Tuesday. In my head, I was planning to do a "Two post Tuesday" thing, but this is definitely not the week to start that up. I have things other than the 36$5 to talk about, so I was going to do those on Tuesdays. Just because it sounds good. No other reason. I'm thinking I'll pre-write those too, because there may be a Tuesday I'm just not into it...and a Thursday that I will be. It worked well in the past. It shall work again. Anyway, I know why you're here. Please excuse me while I get to the point.

This one came easy and fun. I REALLY wanted to throw the ONE in the title somewhere, but the painting kind of changed as I went along. It didn't fit anymore. Oh well...I have plenty of other days to put my name in titles.

"LifeLineZ" 4/365 and 9/1000

I didn't accomplish much in the way of creating today. Not for lakk of desire...just didn't work out. I am going to start some things before I go to bed tonight....maybe. Things should be approaching some sense of normalcy come Thursday. I'll take that time to work extra hard to complete my 11 pieces for the rest of the week. It can be done. It's been done before. If all else fails...I'll paint bibs! lol. It's going to be a TERRIBLE day when I run out of those. I won't have anything easy to bump up my numbers. Maybe I should save them in the event of an emergency which it clearly is NOT at this moment.

Day 4: Final Count 1! 991 and 361 days to go. Who's going to chekk my math? I'm sure one day I'll jakk this ALL the way up! lol.

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