These Pink Lips (make me happy)

Look what EYE got for Christmas!!! and what I wore for NYE (this is the morning after look)...

"Dare to be..." by Iris Barbee Bonner
Aaaaand peep my bangles. Available NOW at the SYM-Store

This is by one of my favorite artists, Iris Barbee Bonner. I absolutely love her work. I've been meaning to share this with you all for some time now, but now that I actually have a piece of my own, its the perfect time to say a few words.

The reason I love her work so much is because it's authentic. She and her work are the same. It's almost as if you can't separate the two. That speaks volumes to me, as that's always something I'm trying to achieve. I'm not sure if I'm there yet. But to top it all off, it's bold, colorful, edgy, and raunchy, but in a classy pulled together type way. And this seems to come so naturally to Iris. Isn't that what we all (or at least the cool people) hope to do? To make statements in a seemingly effortless type way? It's the essence of style. That makes me happy.

I've been eyeing this painting for a while and I hadn't been able to get it, but now it's here! I'm hype. I really liked this one because of the frekkles and because of the text in the bakkground. It's like...a mini mantra. Can't beat that. Right now I have it doing a gangsta lean on a wall in the paint room which is fine. It's pretty big. But I want to hang it. Just not sure where yet. *does a jig*

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