Naomi's Garden

Finally getting around to doing something else that I wanted to try. I suppose I just found the right frame to make that happen. I bought the frame and got to work it shortly after.

Here it is:
"Naomi's Garden"
This piece is done in 3 layers. Well, 3 distinct layers. There are actually more than 3 layers of paint. The first, the bakkground, is actually a piece of some super fancy, very expensive metallic, silver and cream printed wrapping paper I have been keeping around for a while. Then a portion of the painting is painted directly onto  the bakk of the plastic. The rest is painted on the front. That means it can't come separate from the frame. It IS the frame. It's cool too. The blakk part actually looks like lacquer...and shows an awesome and clear reflection. That's not something you can achieve on canvas. I really like the look of this. The contrast between the colors and the subtle differences between the reflective qualities of each layer makes it interesting. I was actually going to paint the frame, but I like the natural looking wood grain compared with the rich metallic one.  All types of coolness.

I suppose in contrast to the last nude I posted, "CURVEsive," Naomi seems a little more...forward. She's like "come get this fresh from the garden goodness." I like it.


I made more...BRACELETS!!

It's gotten so serious the bf thinks something is wrong if I'm not wearing my bracelets. I usually rokk about 6 at a time on the weekends. Maybe just a single charm bracelet on a regular day. I should write about that bracelet one day. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I got it for FREE @ Macy's. May have been a Blakk Friday giveaway. I'm not sure how I got it for free...but I did.

Anyway, I recently got a really great deal on some beads, so I ended up making a few more bracelets. Keeping in line with my self imposed rule...one (some) for me, one (some) for you. So, be sure to chekk out the store as the new pieces are up and available.

1 for me, 2 for you. Which is going to make up for the next one. 

I like these because of the rugged look. It looks like I just pikked these up in my yard. However, I did not. They are smooth and hand dyed. It's a fancy natural look. These will look great alone, but I'm probably going to end up rokking them with a few other pieces.

 I ended up using these in a way I didn't intend to. I only had enough for 1. I'm keeping it. ha! Sorry.

Oh and for your viewing pleasure: How I Rokk my Stakks...

I only made two of these...but this is the norm. 7 pieces! 
The only issue in the winter is sometimes I can't get my jakket on/off with all the bracelets in the way. BUT I bet my right arm is getting a good work out.

P.S. 10% off all apparel and accessories this week using code "92CHCT" when you place your order at the SYM Store.


Jesus Hoodie

Last year, I made a hoodie for my mentee. It was cute. I still want one. I posted it here along with some other stuff I made.  Well, I guess she showed her grandmother, because I got a request to make one for her too. Here it is...

314/1000 (front) 

314/1000 (bakk) 
Oddly enough, I didn't consider this to be a lot of detail, but all these little circles took hours. That was my design choice, by the way. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I like the way it came out. 


1.17.12 This weeks SALES

As promised, I'm still posting five items per week for limited customization at reduced prices. If you missed that memo, please chekk out last week's post. I'm also posting this weeks special.

Here ya go...

SMALL (Women's) Royal Blue Hoodie

I know it looks black, but that's because my photography sukked today. Sorry.

SMALL (Men's) Gold/Yellow Tee

SMALL White (Men's) Tee

LARGE Fitted Polo
Any of these and everything else that's available can be purchased here. YAY!

To receive $5 off your order of $20 or more from now until next Monday, use code  FAFC62 at the SYM store. That's it for today. I'm hoping to have some more art for you tomorrow. Guess I better get started. Have a happy Tuesday.  



Aiight. No more big numbers posts, because it's too hard for me to remember what day I'm on. Since I didn't make it in a year, we're going to start calling the posts by the name of the piece. Keeping it convenient in 2012. Seriously.

I started......four paintings last year that I didn't finish. I kind of got stukk on them all and I wasn't sure where to go next. Well I sat down last night for my first day of painting this year and managed to finish them both. Easily. A break truly works wonders sometimes.

Today's piece was inspired by a photo of one of my sorors. She has this photo on her fb that I liked with her wearing a nekklace that came all the way from Egypt. She's fancy. Anyway, I liked it so much I said I wanted to paint something inspired by it. Here she is:

313/1000 "Egypt"

I did the stripes in the bakk to mimic Egypt's flag, fluffed out the hair, because honestly, I like the way I do it. This time, to keep it fresh, I gave her highlights. Now she's fancy too. Although you can't see the whole thing, I imagine my version of the nekklace is actually the top of a fancy all white sun dress that you can purchase from the Victoria's Secret catalog, that chikks like "Egypt" wear with heels by the pool. Now, don't go looking for said dress, because it's probably not there. That was my imagination at work.

She's already up in the store if anyone wants to purchase.



Today in SYM artistry: BLUE nipples. Apparently that's the color of the week thanks to baby Jayonce. Not to mention the Sigma and Zeta Founders' Days. Woop. Maybe I'll end up doing an entire color assortment.

This is one of the other pieces that I started last year that I'm just getting to finish. Just like the other, finishing now was so much more simple than when I originally began working on it.

312/1000 "CURVEsive"

I teamed up with my fb friend, A. Lewis,  for the text. I showed him a picture...asked him to write a little something and this is what he came:

‎"It's like her body is written in cursive, her elegant curvation cursing at me in the language of love, talking dirty with each sultry move. Lust is a list of simple commands, designed by the mind to meet physio-emotional demands, and it's as if her body is transcribing my desire, swirling letters in the burning fire that is my passion. The symmetry of her breasts are like rhymes; there is irony between the width of her waist and size of her behind. Her skin glows with the bristling shine of an anticipatory nervous system, a breathtaking metaphor to behold--she is poetry in motion, a silent commotion heard only by the eyes. As with all prose, she is a matter of complex simplicity; simply wanting to pleased, but wanting it done in the ways that her body suggests implicitly...so as I admire the penmanship of her sexuality, all the details of her body, I listen and read intently. Her literature tempts me..."

How cool is that? I added those same words to the bakkground beside this deliciously curvy, fluffy haired, feminine being. To the left in a larger text, I added the word "temptation." I like the contrast between the thin text on the left and the heavier one on the right and the way the words form around the curves of her body. It complements the actual text. And I really like the monochromatic color scheme. Effortlessly sexy. I'm sure she's on her way to bed after a late night shower.

This piece just makes me feel good. I'm happy to have her here with me, but she's up in the store and ready for purchase.


Big Timin': SALES

Here's thing two that I mentioned in the last post. I put a store up. Did you notice? Have you visited? I feel so fancy. People can buy SYM-stuff without the long order form process and without me answering 30 questions. It's been a real time saver. Well now, since I have that, sales are much easier. Target (we love them) has a sale every week and now I can too. Starting next Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter, I'll post one sale/giveaway. You'll have to come by the blog to get the code, and then you can head directly to the store to make your purchase. It'll be on different things, but every Tuesday we'll do a little somethin' somethin' including the 5 available super low priced custom pieces. I've got everything set up til July. So, we're good on that. Yay! *pops bottle*


Customer Appreciation

Yesterday, I talked about the things we both gave up when I made that decision bakk in April. I talked about your willingness to be patient with me while I made some changes and took some personal time to explore my creativity. I also talked about doing something special to say thanks for allowing me that time. Today, I'm going to tell you what that is.

In order to prepare for that upgrade, I'll have to make room and that's where you come in. I didn't exactly plan that last announcement out the way I should have. Now I have at least 100 blank shirts (and stuff) pakked away that needs to move. Now, I could just get rid of it, but I bought it for you guys, and that's exactly who's going to get it. Along with the weekly sale at the SYM1 Store (tomorrow's post) I'll be posting FIVE blank pieces that will be available for purchase in the store. These pieces will be fully customizable up to 10 characters, ANY characters you want ANYwhere you want, and all for an excessively low price. All shirts (tanks, tees, long sleeved, polos) and bags will be $25.25 no matter the size or color. Hoodies and trakk jakkets will be $37.37 no matter the size or color. Everything else will be priced accordingly. Exciting, huh?

Now, I'm only posting things I already have, so you can't ask for things that aren't here. No requests for additional sizes or anything, but I'll do a post every week until everything is gone. I will post the blank items IN the store...and you can just tell me where to put what letters/characters on the notes to seller space when you make your payment. The first five pieces are up now. All of them are in the $25.25 category. You can take a look below, then head to the store to make a purchase if you want any (or all) of them. 

Men's 2X Polo

Juniors M Polo

Royal Blue Fitted Tee SMALL

Men's LARGE Polo

Juniors XL Cap Sleeve Fitted Tee


The Confession (Part II)

With some distance between where I am now and where I was when I wrote The Confession (Part I), I was no longer feeling the pain. Art became easier. I was happy to create. I was having fun. I was actually enjoying my craft again. When I think about going bakk, I have some apprehension because I remember why I stopped, BUT I don't FEEL the pain. I just remember it. I somehow feel like the time and distance is clouding my judgement (which is why I think people sometimes end up with sorry exes), but once I read the initial post again, the feelings became real again. My reasoning was firm. My choice was valid. I feel like I made the right decision.

In some ways, I really feel like the main issues were the monotony, and I didn't feel validated as an artist. My focus in creating Greek items was to make YOUR vision come to life. I had very few opportunities to create MY own visions. To be appreciated for what I, alone, had come up with. And with so very little time to focus on that, I began to feel burdened with my own ideas. Then to be, in a sense revered for my work, but to have people ask for everything down to minute details, made me feel disrespected as an artist. As if I wasn't trusted to make a great decision about the direction of a piece on my own. Yes, I take it personal. I got stressed. With that being said, with all this extra free time I had, I was able to create the way I wanted and REALLY get to the bottom of the issues I was having with the way things were going.

When 2011 was coming to a close, I took time to look bakk and see what I had done. I initially was focusing on the numbers and how far from 1,000 I managed to make it, but when I considered the full spread of my goals and intentions for the year, I really began to see how much I had really been able to accomplish. I was trying to see what I liked. What was fun for me. What made me happy to be working.  Simply put, I was trying to get my joy bakk. I made jewelry, scarves, and a PIGGY BANK! I painted what I wanted. I did what I felt like doing. Taking time away from the Greek stuff really gave me the time and the freedom to explore what gets me going and I'm so glad I made that choice.

I have spent the last year thinking about what's next. I asked you all to be patient while I considered those things. I gave up a lot during this time and in some ways, you all gave up something too. It's been nearly 8 months since Part I and some folks still haven't gotten the memo. I've had to tell numerous people no. I didn't like it, but I was standing firm on my decision to take some time out for me. Well, I've had the time I needed and I've finally figured out what's next. GREATNESS! In the meantime, while I'm cooking up that new new, I wanted to do something special for you all as a thank you for your patience and continued support.

Hate to leave you in suspense, but this is getting long...so, peep tomorrow's post for details. :D


These Pink Lips (make me happy)

Look what EYE got for Christmas!!! and what I wore for NYE (this is the morning after look)...

"Dare to be..." by Iris Barbee Bonner
Aaaaand peep my bangles. Available NOW at the SYM-Store

This is by one of my favorite artists, Iris Barbee Bonner. I absolutely love her work. I've been meaning to share this with you all for some time now, but now that I actually have a piece of my own, its the perfect time to say a few words.

The reason I love her work so much is because it's authentic. She and her work are the same. It's almost as if you can't separate the two. That speaks volumes to me, as that's always something I'm trying to achieve. I'm not sure if I'm there yet. But to top it all off, it's bold, colorful, edgy, and raunchy, but in a classy pulled together type way. And this seems to come so naturally to Iris. Isn't that what we all (or at least the cool people) hope to do? To make statements in a seemingly effortless type way? It's the essence of style. That makes me happy.

I've been eyeing this painting for a while and I hadn't been able to get it, but now it's here! I'm hype. I really liked this one because of the frekkles and because of the text in the bakkground. It's like...a mini mantra. Can't beat that. Right now I have it doing a gangsta lean on a wall in the paint room which is fine. It's pretty big. But I want to hang it. Just not sure where yet. *does a jig*


Stakks on Dekk

It's 2012! Well, it will be by the time you read this, but I'm typing from 2011. That's odd. Very sci-fi movie-ish. 

Well these are the very last pieces I created in 2011. There was no paint involved. But my first piece of the year will be covered in the stuff. At least that's the plan. My friends LOVED their Christmas bracelets and as promised, you can now get yours too. Yay! 

My not so new thing is mixing colors, patterns and textures. I love a stripe and a plaid together. Or a floral and polka dots. I think I got that from watching home design shows. That makes me interesting. Well, I tried to incorporate that in each of these sets. I made a few of these for myself and I'll be mixing and matching them with some of my existing pieces. Probably some very shiny ones. That'll keep it fun.You can chekk out what I have and get a set of your own at the SYM-Store. Right now, I have ten sets available in an assortment of colors. 

I counted each set as 1 piece, so my total count for 2011 is 311! Not even close to 1,000. lol. However, I'm not at all disappointed. I made twice as many pieces as I normally do. And I've been considerably more busy this year than I was in previous years. I did a good job. Proud of me. Just a little bit. This year, I'm going to keep working toward my 1,000th piece. I have a few other goals in mind, but nothing I feel pressed to share at this time. As always, I'm excited about what's to come. Happy New Year!!!!