My 36$5 Project

I learned something new today...the hard way. lol.

I wrote a blog a while bakk about this girl who had to do some kind of artwork involving apples every day for the entire school year. I can't find it. I suppose that's why you're supposed to label these things. That always seemed like an additionally tedious event. Not so much anymore.

Well, I was going to link you to that particular post to tell you that I've found something to do EVERY day! Along with the rest of the world, it seems, I will be doing a 365 project! Yay me! I won't be drawing apples though. I'd be bored. I'm going to give myself LOTS of freedom. I, SYM1, will be painting a 5x7 EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year starting SYM1.1.11. Even better, no matter what it is, I'm going to sell it for $5. That's almost cheaper than a gallon of gas, so no excuses about why you can't purchase anything.

This doesn't seem like much, but I don't paint everyday. Some days I may paint 5 pieces, then not paint anything else the next day. Tragic, right? I think so. However, next year will be different. I am FORCING myself to do what I want to do. I'm seeking my artistic voice. I think I found it already, but since most of my work is based on what ya'll would prefer and not what I might intend for it to be, I could be wrong. Just to be sure, the plan is to paint until I'm sure I saw what I think I already see. If I paint 365 things and put them together and still don't see it...we'll have a problem. I'm also trying to create a habit or two. One being to post more. The other being painting everyday.

I'm telling you about it, so I can't bakk out of it. Snazzy lil trikk I taught myself. I may often be delayed, but I'm not a liar! This blog is my promise to us.


ARTina said...

I like that idea...I'll have to think of something that I can do everyday also...maybe not sewing related. Don't want to rush into carpel tunnel, now do I? Maybe I can do a drawing of some sort. That will help unrust my skills. Great post!

Ashley said...

ooh, I'm excited about these pieces every day!! Can we put in requests (if so, my first request is food related) or will they be whatever comes to your mind that day? Either way, I can't wait to see them! and $5 is a good price. You've inspired me to do something every day next year. What that something is, I don't know yet

Chrissy D said...

I love this idea!!! I need a 365 project hmmm...

Q. Monique said...

iSupport this! i have a 31 day posting project for a 2nd blog that i plan to start the year out with. i haven't posted about it though, so i could still back out...oh wait, darn...i guess this counts. lol...but for real, i'll save my pennies and get me a piece or two, i'm sure!

SYM1 said...

Four comments? Ooh! I'm big tymin now! Think the last time I got this many was when I wore that ugly hat. lol.

@Artina...get a sketch journal. 1 page a day. Scribble if you have to. It'll be fun!

@Ashley...no requests. This is for my fun and growth. I'm going to do what I feel from day to day. That will probably include food at some point in time though. Did you pikk something to do?

@Chrissy...COME! Join me!

@Q...Stop neglecting your blog. Post. Every. Day.