Art+Sole+Life 10.22.10

This night proved to be AWESOME! I had so much fun. Not like "sweat pants and tennis shoes at a college party" fun, but, "I am an artist and this stimulated me" fun. It's all a win in my book. Ok, so outside of hanging out doing artsy things with friends, two really great things happened.
First, I saw these shoes...they made...me....feel....things. I touched  them and stuff. I hugged them...and wished they were mine. These were by far my most favorite pair of the whole night.
Then, I found the guy who made them. The jacket kind of gave him away. I felt that up too. It...was...awesomeness. It was almost perfect, but not so perfect that you couldn't tell it was done by hand. I was so completely moved by it. The time it must have taken. The precision. We took a picture. YAY!

We coordinated.
We talked. I asked him how long it took him to do the jacket (sorry I didn't get the whole thing), but he said about two weeks. I asked him how much he charged for something like it. He said a couple of Gs. THAT inspired me. I don't spend two weeks working on anything. I don't bother, because I feel like I couldn't sell something for a price indicative of the kind of time it would take me to complete it. At least not to my current clientele. However, I'd love to sit in a corner and work on one item until I felt like it was PERFECT and PERFECTLY done. Not that I don't feel happy with the work I produce, but if the price was right, I'd add more detail. I'd spend a little more time and not think anything of it. I've been recently moved to do more detailed pieces and this made me want to do it even more. I'm so excited. I have an unplanned hiatus coming up! Let's see what happens.
This guy! ALIen
Have I mentioned my LOVE of drummers? No. Well...here it is. THIS GUY! is my second great thing. I wish this was one of those Harry Hotter photographs. I LOVE drummers. Umm...he beat it up. I watched. I liked it. He chewed on the drumstikks...he threw them in the air. He undressed mid song. He stood on top. Spun around and flung sweat. It was an amazing show of acrobatics and musicianship. I don't think he took a breath or blinked the whole time. I almost got scared, but he survived. I've been chatting with him on twitter. He's trying to play innocent about those panties strung across the front of his drums. I'm not buying it.

The great things came with accessories too. Cupcakes. I had one of the light skinned ones. It was just ok, but the fact that they were there to eat was a great thing. Oh and the Converse cake. Snazzy.

And live painting! That's always a win. I'm going to work on my journalism skills, because I can't say I was really interested in WHO was doing the work, but I wish I had gotten their names so I could share. I'll do better. Soon. :D Chekk out the pics though.

I missed out on the final piece.

Body paint! (We're doing this instead of strippers @ my bachelorette party.)

Custom boots!
Oh! and they had little coloring sheets with pics of Chukks, so you could design your own. I colored. That's my kind of party! Friends, food, music...and stimulating activities. A winner! So, next time this comes around...I want in, so I can take a pic with my own shoes. There I said it!

The ART+SOLE+LIFE exhibit is sneaker art with a conscience. It was created to highlight the non-profit work of SOLE PLUS. It is an exhibit that features artists telling the stories of everyday life using shoes as their canvas. A+S+L is the fusion of shoe design, art, activism, & philanthropy, rolled into an interactive exhibit.  The first A+S+L exhibit will take place on 10/22/2010 in Atlanta, GA at Ambient Plus Studio.


Sankofa said...

Oh Man, I'd love to attend something like that! Body painted boots... coolies! Looks like you have a new twinkle in your eye... i like it.

Drummers huh... ooooh. they are troublemakers. I have an affliction for them too. I'm sure the panties are not innocent...lol

light skinned cupcakes, i thought i was the only one who said that. nice.

oh and those shoes and jacket... awesomeness! so when i am a great chef, you know what's i'm coming to you for.. and i will pay a coupla G's for it.

SYM1 said...

An affliction though? lol.
Are my eyes twinkling? Hmmm...I guess that's cool.
I'll gladly accept the opportunity to hook up ur chef's coat....and hat and anything else you'd be willing to pay a couple Gs for. That would be awesome. Better get it together!