Big Numbers: Day 31

Today was less than exciting. Nothing really to speak of. I finished one of the paintings I started two days ago. Knokked out my 5x7 with little to no resistance. I want to work on some of the others, but 2 am approaches. I should go to bed. Dinner was great. I have a cupcake. That was the extent of my joy for the day.

Here's the first piece I completed. I love. It was fun. No stress. No pressure. Looks like me (not physically...didn't I explain this before?). It's cute and yellow. I was feeling yellow. Not sunshine yellow, but ummm...Easter basket yellow? I don't know, but this worked. Two things about me, I love a long SEXY nekk and jakkets. That's in real life. It translated into this piece. Nice.

"Splash and Class" 58/1000

What am I going to paint today? First thing that comes to mind. FREAK! That was easy. I love orange and blue...and orange and teal together. I have an album to prove it. Oh happy day. I love it when they don't fight with me. This started and ended well.

31/365 and 59/1000

I now have the first month behind me. That went entirely TOO fast. It's been real January. February...it's me and you now. 59 down. 941 pieces and 334 days to go!

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