I've got mail!!!

Remember that art trade I've been working on since 2010? Well, we finally exchanged gifts and my box came in the mail on Monday. I've been so excited to tell ya'll about it. *cabbage patch*

I sent my soror Artina a painting of a sewing machine and 2 Zeta shirts. She sent me JOY!!! I brought my box in and sat right at the door and sliced it open with a pair of scissors. It was like Christmas in September. I pulled out this lovely doll that had been dyed in the brightest colors ever. It was like candy melting in the bakk seat of a car with leather seats on a hot summer day. Then she was lightly spotted like a wild jungle cat. And all I could think was...awwww she's so pretty.

See, she already matches some of my decor. 

She's currently on display in Mommy's room, because she's decided that she's so pretty she should sit in there with her. I guess that's ok for now. She's going to look great in my room with all the other artwork. (I can't wait to finish this room.) You can read more about Artina's dolls and her inspiration for them on her Mashulu blog.

She also sent a beautiful clutch and a pair of matching crocheted earrings. The bag is way nicer in person than I would have thought just by looking at the pictures. It even has pretty lining. And a little pokket with a Mashulu tag inside. It's all big and juicy and...colorful! The earrings match nicely, but I doubt I'll be wearing them at the same time. I guess that means I need two places to go.

No need to be jealous, you can get your own at the  Mashulu Etsy Shop.

Artina's branding is the shiznit. She's tagged the inside of the bag. Added a lil card tag to the outside. Another pakkaged with the earrings AND a stamp on the inside of my card. Faaaaancy.

Every time I get something with great pakkaging, I always think...what could I do to make my pakkaging nicer? And for the life of me, I can't commit to anything. I'm always making changes...in my head. That stuff is too expensive to keep changing my mind. And of course that defeats the purpose. So for now, ya'll get a surprise in every box. Never know what kind of card...paper...or whatever is going to be inside. Let's pretend it's me being eclectic and not me being indecisive.


ARTina said...

YAY! I too, enjoy good packaging and enjoy buying stuff on Etsy to see how folks package their wares. I keep feeling like I should change my logo, but I love the stamp I had made so much that it keeps me from switching up all willy nilly. Thanks again for trading with me!

Sankofa said...

very nice!

SYM1 said...

@ARTina, I like your logo. The little owl is cute. I was trying to decide if I wanted to add the owl or the AMS for the sewing machine. Tough decision. Keep it!

@Sankofa, Thank you.