Big Numbers: Day 269

 I was doing really well, but then I ran out of stuff to post. I've been busy. Not painting. *shrugs* It is what it is...

I have a little somethin' somethin' for today though. I made 3 clutches. All with similar designs. All for sale. :o) Because as much as I would like, I don't need another bag. Of any sort. I'm not even sure I want any. Which is all beside the point. Chekk out what I did...

I love mixing colors and patterns. Thought I'd try it with these clutches. Fun activity. Test my skills and such. I think the red one is my favorite. I still have to figure out how to paint plaid. I want it to look OFFICIAL.

256/1000 (bakk) 

256/1000 (front) 

257/1000 (bakk) 

257/1000 (front)

258/1000 (front)

258/1000 (bakk) 

Oh, and guess what else? I can now google which day it is. Have no idea why I didn't try that before. No more guessing and adding. #WINNING That's all. Until tomorrow. Maybe.

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