Big Numbers: Day 259

I may be lying about these numbers. I can never be too sure. I don't feel like going to chekk. It's close enough. Yesterday, when my mind was doing that long run on sentence thing? Yeah, I put my brush down. I couldn't paint through that. I made more bracelets!

245/1000 MINE

I can't wait to rokk these. They look...expensive.  Actually, as far as beads go, they were. 

I don't need a long post for this. I had fun. Not because it's particularly fun, but more because it was something different. And I got some fast results. It didn't take DAYS to complete. I'm keeping this brown one and the set of pink ones, but I have enough of the pink beads to make another set....that I sold before I could post this. *Shrugs* Sorry guys.

I wish I had some more. I may go buy some. Make more bracelets. One to sell and one to keep. That's fair right?

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