Big Numbers: Day 256

Well, I've done it again. Another peacokk. I couldn't help myself. Ya'll know I love em. I got such a great response for the "Pride" piece a couple of weeks ago, I'm like sure...why not? When I was looking at photos to work on "Pride," I found this:

Isn't he goooorgeous?! 
My first thought was "This peacokk is GANGSTER! Doesn't he look like he hits people?" Never really considered peacokks fighters, so this one really had my attention. Not to mention it's more green than blue. That's pretty different than anything I've done before. I'm a big fan of the blue, but I thought this might be an interesting change of pace. I used the pic as inspiration...and tried to SYM-ify it. Here's how it turned out:

244/1000 "Bish, I'm fancy" 

Soror/friend, Tine says that peacokks are the "kings of fanciness." I kept that in mind while painting this particular piece and extended the lil mohawk to make it more prominent and crown like. I love it. I think mine looks more suspicious than the one in the inspiration pic. Like, "I'm cute. I'm sweet. Pet me." THEN it bites you. SMH. Gonna hang it where "Pride" was until somebody buys it. :o)

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