My New Assistant

I rented Despicable Me from the redbox maybe early this year or last year...one time. Some time. *shrugs* That was when I decided I couldn't work fast enough because I had not a single minion to help. Sadness. Well, I asked for one for my birfdae and my dear friend Tanaya came through. He's a little late, for my whole birfdae, but he's pretty much on schedule for my half birfdae. I'm not complaining. I celebrate those!

I now have one little minion to help with my progress. Want to meet him?

Bob DaMinion
He's going to live in the paint room where the work is. Hopefully, he'll be the help I need to get er dun! Sidebar: I absolutely LOVE that show, "My Big Rednekk Wedding." I do. Ok. That's it. Wait, no. I also have the little unicorn from the movie too. I won it at the fair. Now all I need is my aliens from Toy Story, and I'm in animated business! Nooooow....Bakk to work.


Sankofa said...

Aww him is cute! sorry he was late... better late than never? he he... perhaps he will begin to work on things for you in the middle of the night.

SYM1 said...