More Accessories...

I've actually been doing very well with my NO shopping rule. VERY good. I got lots of nice stuff this year too. I have no idea how that works. I've scaled down to a single closet and I can't say I've felt more comfortable in my clothes. I haven't felt this consistently cute in a long time either. As far as looks go, 2011 has been great to me!

The homie Zelle had a BIG sale over Labor Day weekend and made a point to let me know the ring I had been eyeing was on sale for (almost) FREE. I sold a 5x7 that day...chose to buy the ring with it. *shrugs* Gotta do something for myself every now and then. Here's what I bought:

Ain't it PRETTY?! It's huge-ish and heavy, but I don't care! I just need somewhere to rokk it. 
I limited myself to one item. I'm proud of me. Glad I was able to get it, I had been watching it for a long time. Salivating and plotting. Now it's mine...all mine!!! Mwhahahahahaha! You can chekk out Zelle's site, Black Betsy Earring Co. for more hotness. She very well may still have some sale items. I didn't chekk. #PlayingItSafe

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