Big Numbers: BRACELETS!!!!

When this year began, I made a list of things I'd like to try. I wanted to make some jewelry, specifically bracelets. I loooove bracelets and earrings. FUN! K, bakk to the story....I can't say I've been interested in making jewelry seriously, BUT I do like crafts in general, so I wanted to learn a little bit and I love bracelets. (Yes, I know. I already said that. SO?!) I usually wear 8+ bracelets at a time and I was starting to get a little bored with my choices, so I decided this weekend would be a good time to put a lil somethin' together. Expand my horizons.

I already had some beads here. I was supposed to go to the craft store to buy cord. Needless to say that didn't work out. I ended up buying three sets of beads...on clearance...and those were the only ones I used in my first 2011 beading mini extravaganza. SMH. I must do better. Anywho, I made two bracelets and YES I'm counting them toward my 1,000. (SB: There are a few things I didn't count that maybe I should have counted...oh well.)

241/1000 YAY! They were cute! 

I rokked em w/ a bunch of others. The big juicy gumball lookin' ones are from Stars+Rocks.
That's it for today. I still have tons of beads. I'll make more later.

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