Holes in My Walls...

Last week, I was tweeting about how nervous I was about putting holes in my wall. I did it anyway. It was...scary. I've been living in this house for five years and have only hung 2 things on my wall. I have moved a few things around, but I have not touched the holes. I was scared. It's like making a commitment...scarring the walls. I want to be sure about what I put up....and where I put the holes. It's HARD for me to make decisions like that. I change my mind a lot. However, I felt bad. I had all the paintings just laying on the floor, leaning against furniture, pakked behind one another.

Kinda before. I made a post office run...THEN I hung up what was left.
Oh and peep the sneaky peak of the next painting on the floor. Still not done. 

That's no way to treat my art. And it was looking a mess over in that corner. I started to feel a little impulsive.  Then I just grabbed my hammer and some nails and hung them all up. I was nervous, but I did it...and I'm mostly happy with how it turned out.

They look so much nicer all framed and hung up. 

I better paint a little faster...so I can replace the pieces I'm about to sell.
All of these don't belong to me. 
That's most of it. I have a few more spread out. I also pulled out some of the artwork I bought in the Bahamas and framed those too. Maybe if I can fill up all the walls, I won't have to paint. #SneakySYM


Madeline said...

I understand you on that, Sym...I haven't hung up the 3 mini paintings I bought from you for the same reason. They're laying side by side on my coffee table...

Sankofa said...

i have no space to place my SYMart, so I am happy you could hang yours! they look great!

SYM1 said...

As I paint I'm going to have to hang up the new stuff...unless of course I sell faster. That means more holes in the wall. PAIN!