3 Things I LOVE

I'm not a negative person, but I wrote about 3 things that grind my gears, it was one of my most popular posts. I'm not sure if it's because I posted it a few times, because I wanted people to know so they'd stop doing it, or if it was because y'all really like negative stuff. Whatever the reason, I decided to do one better and just post 3 things I love...for balance. Chekk em out:

1) I LOVE when I love my paintings. It's HARD trying to make stuff from in your head into something your eyes can see.  My hands aren't nearly as skilled as my imagination, so it's a feat in itself to even get remotely close to what my brain has come up with. I'm always trying. Sometimes, it doesn't work, but when it does, I'm so proud of myself!

2) When a painting looks like a part of the family. I wrote about this yesterday. And probably at least once prior to that. And I'll probably do it again. That's just how important it is. When I started out this year, I was really hoping to create things that looked like SYM. The more I paint, the more that happens. I get it wrong every now and then...but I'm getting it right more often than not. I'm still signing all my paintings/pieces, but it's nice to know you can know who did it without seeing my stamp on it. SWEET!

3) When you love what EYE love...THEN >>> you buy it. <<< Man, never underestimate the power of the cosign. I love my work...but I got bills. And I like organic chikken...breasts. Y'all, it's so much better when YOU love it. I get all excited when I get my orders. Not the custom ones, but the ones that say..."OMG, SYM you did THAT!!! I love it. Where do I send my money?" That let's me know I'm getting it right. That my imagination is customer approved. WINNING.

That's all for today. In a happy mood. Come. Join me.

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