Big Numbers: Day 260

Yesterday I had to do something about all that brain clutter. I woke up and immediately got to work on anything. I had so much fun and mommy was able to help! Oh, and by help, I mean watching. lol. But it was nice. Yesterday was good. I was pleased...and productive.

I made the other set of pink bracelets. Sold them already.

247/1000 This is both sets. They both have homes. 

This fluffy white bracelet. I was told it looks like something for a flower girl, so if you're getting married...and you're having a flower girl....and she needs a bracelet....this one is for sale:


I wanted to keep it, but I'm too old for this amount of fluff.
It didn't feel right. I still think it's cute though.

I made these bangles. I'm uber happy about how they turned out. I'm keeping whichever one that doesn't sell first. :o) I bought these YEARS ago with the intent to paint them. Just got around to it. I loooove them.

249/1000 and 250/1000 bakk

This is what they look like on...

and this is the front. 

I'm going to make some more today. Maybe. The style of bangle is different though. I may have to alter the design. I'm excited to see what those will turn out like.

AND I tie dyed!!! Well, I tried to. I'm not happy with the results yet, so I'm not going to post the pics until I get something beautiful enough to share. It was fun though! I have never done it before. Have you seen my childhood?

Oh, and I also made some paper beads, but I'll post that when I've finally done enough to make a nekklace. I made dinner too, but that doesn't count toward anything, so, *shrugs.* I'm gonna make a pot pie for dinner today. I'm good at that. It doesn't count either. I just wanted to share! *woop*  That's 6 items. One day. My name is BEAST...salute me.

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