I Touched Myself

Not really. But I thought it. Then I paused myself. I laughed. I decided not to change it. I hope you clikked the link to read about it. lol. Sorry if I disappointed you. My bad shawty.

Well before I pakked up my boxes for shipping, I had all my paintings lined up on the wall around the room. I was like...awww they look so nice. Ya'll know how much I love seeing my paintings together. I was thinking about how nice they looked side by side and how they all looked related to one another...and how they all looked like me. #motherhood So, I laid them all out in the middle of the floor and took a picture of them together. A family portrait so to speak. Soon as I get these walls painted, I'll actually hang up the ones that belong to me. I'll be rotating out some of the others as I complete/sell them. Peep my family portrait:

All my babies. Well...the ones that were here. 
This isn't my complete body of work, but I like everything here. I'm happy with it. I feel like I've put something into each of them. Don't they look happy together? This made me happy. It made me feel like I was doing it right. I was all touched and stuff. It was nice. I see so much ahead of me...but that's too much to think about. 1 painting at a time SYM. That's what I keep telling myself. My ideas never move that slow though. That's fine. I have a list. :o)


ARTina said...

I spy with my little eye......

SYM1 said...

Lol. You do. And it wasn't supposed to take you a whole 10+ days to get it. But I had already scheduled the post....wompers. lol.